Almost anywhere you roam in St. Petersburg, Russia you’ll encounter a sense of grandeur. From the sheer magnitude of The State Hermitage Museum to the glittering onion domes perched atop the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (or resurrection church as it’s also known), there’s no doubt that St. Petersburg is an impressive city.


More Glitter Please – Interior of the Great Church of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg


What you might not anticipate seeing are the gilded shop windows and gorgeous stained glass windows of Kupetz Eliseevs food hall (Магазина Купцов Елисеевых), but it’s worth adding to your St. Petersburg to do list.


Your Grocery Store May Be Amazing, But They Don’t Have Windows Like Kupetz Eliseevs


When you enter Kupetz Eliseevs, it’s a bit like being transported back in time to imperial St. Petersburg.


Perfectly Preserved Since 1902 – St. Petersburg, Russia’s Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall


Located beside St. Petersburg’s main artery, Nevsky Prospect, Kupetz Eliseevs dispenses elegant and rare goods from around the world.


In Need of a Chocolate Bust of Lenin or a Dymkovo Doll? St. Petersburg’s Kupetz Eliseevs Has Them in Stock


Whether you’re searching for rare cheeses, caviar, chocolates or vodka, Kupetz Eliseevs likely has them in stock.


Sliced Truffle and Caviar on Display at Kupetz Eliseevs


Even during the food shortage during the Soviet era, the shop remained open and was a place the wealthy could continue to procure delicacies. (Although, during those days Kupetz Eliseevs was called Gastronom №1.)


You Can’t Have Too Many Shoes or Too Much Chocolate, Nor Can You Have Too Many Chocolate Shoes


Walking through Kupetz Eliseevs, it’s hard not to want one of everything.


Let Them Eat Cake – A Gorgeous Feast for the Eyes at Kupetz Eliseevs


Window shopping at Kupetz Eliseevs is a pleasure for both your eyes and your stomach.


Cookie Monster’s Favorite Stop in St. Petersburg, Russia Has to be Kupetz Eliseev


The good news is that if you do end up working up an appetite that Kupetz Eliseevs has an à la carte restaurant located upstairs called Mezzanine and a fine dining restaurant called Sklad №5 located downstairs where the wine cellar used to be. (Reservations are highly recommended for both restaurants.) If you weren’t planning ahead, Kupetz Eliseevs Coffeeshop is the perfect place to treat yourself to a light snack.


Kupetz Eliseevs’ Coffeeshop is Located Smack Dab in the Middle of the Action Under a Giant Palm


Kupetz Eliseevs is a bit touristy given all the photo snapping you’ll see, but the live music and the grocery store’s incredible selection of food more than makes up for that.


The Only Reason to Put Your Camera Down at Kupetz Eliseevs in St. Petersburg is to Eat


Whether you’re a foodie or just on a mission to see all of the elegance St. Petersburg has to offer, make sure you drop by Kupetz Eliseevs.


In addition to Kupetz Eliseevs, here’s a list of other neat little local spots we love across Russia.


Who knows, you might even end up walking out of there with your very own hand painted matryoshka bottle under your arm as a souvenir.


Kupetz Eliseevs in St. Petersburg, Russia


Kupetz Eliseevs
56 Nevsky Prospect
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Hours: Seven Days a Week 10:00am to 11:00pm
Phone: +7 812 456 66 66