We’ve indulged in rainbow vanilla birthday cake lattes at HomeSF in San Francisco and sipped 3D latte critters at Love to Go near Los Angeles, but nothing prepared us for the caffeine that’s fit for a queen at Élan Café in London.


A photo of the Lucky Charms Latte at Élan Café in London, England.
The Lucky Charms Latte is a Liquid Hug for Your Brain at Élan Café in London, England


London is a grey city filled with pops of color and gorgeous flower shops with enticing names like Wild Things and Neill Strain Floral Couture. Élan Café takes serious flower power and combines it with brewtiful drinks.


A photo of the tables near the rose flower wall inside Élan Café in London, England.
Coffee is the New Black – The Rose Flower Wall at Élan Café in London, England


The decor at Élan is as stunning as the pastries they serve. This should perhaps come as no surprise given that founder Alexandra Miller got her start in the fashion industry.


A photo of the inside of Élan Café in London, England replete with pink chairs. Roses adorn everything from the mirrors to the table tops at this picturesque British coffee shop.
Petal to the Metal – Roses Adorn Everything From the Mirrors to the Table Tops at the Picturesque Élan Café in London, England


Flowers are the main focal point at Élan, but the food and coffee aren’t just supporting actors. They hold their own.


A photo of shakshuka served with feta at Élan Café in London, England.
All Dressed Up – Tasty Shakshuka With Feta at Élan Café in London, England


Hatched in 2017, Élan is fairly new, but has received plenty of ‘grams due to picture perfect selfie setting and its primo location in London’s tony Mayfair district.


We get depresso over bad espresso. Curious about some of the other amazing coffee spots we’ve taste tested around the globe? Here are some of our favorite cafés around the world.


The coffee shop is literally right around the corner from The Dorchester.


A photo of beautiful pastries at Élan Café in London, England including the caramel popcorn blondies, fig tarts and mini banana breads.
Say Yes to Everything on the Menu at Élan Café in London, England Including the Caramel Popcorn Blondies, Fig Tarts and the Mini Banana Breads


Yes, of course Élan Café is busy and packed. Isn’t that what you’d expect of a newly opened hit café? Did you truly think a delicious coffee shop filled with roses would be empty? Sure, there will probably be a wait for a table, but order a cappuccino to-go and stretch your legs for 20 minutes while budding bloggers at the table ahead of you take their turn snapping photos.


A photo of two to-go coffee cups from Élan Café in London, England sitting outside in front of daffodils. One coffee cup reads, "Coffee: A Liquid Hug for Your Brain," and the other cappuccino cup says, "Élan Café."
We’ll Keep You Warm While You Wait – A Pair of To-Go Cappuccinos From Élan Café in London, England


Your best bet is to hit Élan Café either first thing in the morning (which is what we did during our second visit right before our flight back to the States) or head over there late in the evening.


A photo of three women sitting at a table downstairs in front of Élan Café's famed rose wall in London, England. A fluorescent sign lamp reads, "Coffee is the New Black."
Picture Perfect – Élan is Probably London’s Most Instagram-able Café Because of It’s Rose Wall


If you don’t get seated next to the flower table (which is downstairs by the way) don’t grouse. If you request the special table, but it requires a bit of a wait, please don’t pout. If you do happen to get seated at it, and everyone around you is taking photos, it goes without saying that that’s just part of the deal and remember, good things come to those who wait.


In addition to Élan Café, here’s a list of other neat little local spots we love across London.


After a photo brigade seated beside us took no fewer than a hundred photos with their coffee, our lovely waitress was kindly asked every table in the downstairs area if they wanted a picture in front of the famed table once said selfie squad departed.


A photo of a cappuccino at Élan Café in London, England. The barista made a beautiful bear in the foam of this coffee drink.
When You Can Bear-ly Keep Your Eyes Open, A Yawn is a Silent Scream for Coffee at Élan Café in London, England


Élan’s special brews are the result of a brilliant partnership with East London’s award winning micro roastery Union. Created in 2001, Union was among the British first roasters to source beans directly from farmers. Joao Almeida, who is Élan’s head of coffee operations, works closely with Élan’s resident latte artist, Kunthea Seng (who you’re likely to catch a glimpse of in the shop) to whip up Élan’s whimsical list of alternative lattes.


A photo of a window surrounded by a wall of roses at Élan Café in London, England.
Check Out the View – More Flower Power at Élan Café in London, England


On Élan’s menu you’ll discover everything from Spanish lattes (made with sweetened condensed milk) to black magic lattes, red velvet lattes and even that magical Lucky Charms latte. Élan’s executive head chef Bradshaw Jooste does a marvelous job mixing everything from açai bowls to hot shakshuka paired with courgette and aubergine to sandwiches on the menu.


A photo of eggs on an English muffin topped with lamb merguez, cucumber and a purple flower at Élan Café in London, England.
A Taste for Elegance – Eat a Real English Muffin in England at Élan Café in London


We fell head over heels for the shakshuka with feta and we got totally spoiled by Jooste’s homemade English muffin. It’s impossible to not snag at least a few sweet treats on your way out. We’d highly recommend the decadent passion cake (which is made with wheat flour, bananas, pineapple, coconut, carrots, rapseed oil, cinnamon, butter, sugar, eggs, salt and of course passion fruit). We also adored the caramel popcorn blondie, the fig tart and the small, but mighty canelé.


A photo of flavored croissants at Élan Café in London, England. The brightly hued pastries come in red, green and brown and in flavors like pistachio and chocolate hazelnut.
Even the Croissants at Élan Café in London, England Are Stylish




It goes without saying that Élan Café goes beyond being a basic café in many ways.


A photo of caramel canelés, vanilla canelés, strawberry canelés, exotic tarts and other pastries at Élan Café in London, England.
A Taste for Elegance – Canelés, Exotic Tarts and Pastries on Display at Élan Café in London, England


Miller and her team also just recently launched Élan beauty. The line utilizes coffee by products and remixes them into Earth friendly scrubs and masks you can use on your body, face and hair. The line is made in store for customers and is designed to be used within 24 hours. A trip to Élan Café can be a feast for your eyes and can also quite literally nourish your skin from the inside out.


A photo from the street of the exterior of Élan Café in London, England.
Élan Café in London, England


Élan Café
*Élan also has another location in London on Brompton Road. 
Address: 48 Park Lane
Mayfair, London W1K 1PR
Hours: Monday Through Sunday 7:30am to Midnight
Phone: +44 020 7491 8880
Pricing (All in British Pounds): Coffee Drinks £4 to £7.5, Cold Brew £5.9, Alternative Lattes £6 to £7.5, Iced Coffee £4.5 to £5.8, Hot Chocolate £6.5 to £7.5, Tea £6.5 to £7.5, Iced Tea £5.5, Smoothies £8 to £8.5, Freshly Squeezed Juice £5.5, Soft Drinks £3.5 to £5.9, Bowls £6.5, Hot Menu Items £6.5 to £17, Sandwiches £7.5, Cakes (Per Individual Serving) £4.5 to £7.5, Mousse £4.5, Tarts £4.5, Canelés £4.5, Vegan Cakes (Per Individual Serving) £4.5