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Life Inside a Shipping Container – HAPA in Christchurch, New Zealand

When a horrible earthquake struck beautiful Christchurch on February 22, 2011, the city didn't cower in fear. Instead it used the devastating event as an opportunity resurrect itself and to reinvent the central part of the city.     Over the past... Continue Reading →

Dessert in Full Bloom – Sweets Collection and La Cocina in San Francisco, California

Is it a paperweight? Is it glass? Nope, it's gelatin dessert art! Upon first glance, Rosa Rodriguez' gorgeous Sweets Collection creations look like they're meant for a museum not a refrigerated case. I first stumbled upon her beautiful blooms while... Continue Reading →

A Trip Down the Real Candy Cane Lane – Hammond’s Candies in Denver, Colorado

Forty flavors, that’s how many different kinds of candy canes you’ll find neatly arranged in metal pails around Hammond’s Candies headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Clove, pumpkin pie, coconut and even milk & cookies are just a few of the quirky... Continue Reading →

Searching for Spanish Solemates – La Manual Alpargatera in Barcelona, Spain

I knew before I slipped on my first pair of espadrilles (jute rope soled shoes that typically hail from Catalonia) that they were nothing like my reliable Mammut hiking boots, but that didn't stop me from breaking my first pair of espadrilles... Continue Reading →

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