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New York

Taste the Rainbow – Modern Malt in Syracuse, New York

Eateries around the globe are adding a side of fun to breakfast. It makes business "cents" for restaurants to jazz up the most important meal of the day. At Pop Cereal Café in Porto, Portugal you can add ice cream... Continue Reading →

Slice Slice Baby – 2 Bros. Pizza in New York City, New York

2 Bros. Pizza serves up some of the yummiest one dollar meals in Manhattan.

Brands You Need to Know – Sugar, Sugar, How You Get So Fly? – Jet Set Candy Jewelry

We're big fans of anything stylish and cheeky. That's why we've written about everything from the goldfish earrings that CMYKlays produces to the rad pizza workout pants made by Laguna Beach's Goldsheep clothing. We also clearly love to keep tabs on... Continue Reading →

A Local Take on Brooklyn with Alli Hoff Kosik, Blogger and Freelance Writer for Brit + Co, Bustle, The Kitchn, Marie Claire and the New York Post Online

Editor’s Note: Our #FoodWaterShoes #LocalInsiderTips interviews give you a peek at local gems. These guest blog posts feature top travel tips from influential travelers in the know.   This week, we are chatting with blogger and full-time freelance writer, Alli... Continue Reading →

Take Me for a Twirl – Pastabilities in Syracuse, New York

There is a magical place in the heart of Upstate New York that has been full of Pastabilities for more than 30 years. Pastabilities is a restaurant in Syracuse where copious amounts of fresh fettuccini, linguine and pappardelle are constantly cranked out... Continue Reading →

Brands You Need to Know – Doggie Edition – Barking Up the Right Tree, Hip Pet Gear From Zee.Dog

To connect a pet to a person is simple enough. Leash plus collar, right? The problem is that most broadly available offerings (in terms of collars, leashes and harnesses) are pretty boring. Zee.Dog aims to change all of that with a rad... Continue Reading →

My Little Pony Approved Rainbow Food – The Original Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York

Normally when one thinks about a breakfast of champions visions of Wheaties or IHOP plates piled high with flapjacks might spring to mind, but that would be wrong. Once you lay eyes on the psychedelic wonders that The Original Bagel... Continue Reading →

A River Runs Through it – Eleven Waters in Syracuse, New York

Syracuse, New York is perhaps best known for Syracuse University. Central New York as a whole is probably best known as being the home to the Finger Lakes wine region. Eleven Waters restaurant logically came by its name because of the... Continue Reading →

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