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The Tale of the Open-Face Sandwich Sushi Virgin – Royal Smushi Cafe in Copenhagen, Denmark

When I Googled the title for this article, I was quite pleased. No results found for, "The Tale of the Open-Face Sandwich Sushi Virgin." Bucket list item checked off, but you, dear reader, probably clicked on this article hoping for an... Continue Reading →

Lots of Love – Nokken’s Tiny Houses in Copenhagen, Denmark

When you head to Copenhagen, the allure of certain neighborhoods is tough to resist. There's freewheeling Christiania, Copenhagen’s semi-autonomous commune which is known for its liberal culture...     ...and at the opposite end of the spectrum lie Nyhavn's prim brightly colored houses which top nearly every... Continue Reading →

Tasty Danish Tacos – Hija de Sanchez in Copenhagen, Denmark

Tackling a tasty taco is an easy endeavor if you find yourself in, say, Mexico City or Tijuana. You can even find impressive options in cities like Los Angeles and New York City stateside, but you won't accidentally bump into... Continue Reading →

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