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Hot Diggity Danish Dog – Johns Hotdog Deli in Copenhagen, Denmark

There are some things you expect to see in Denmark like, for instance, lots and lots of bicycles and happy people. After all, Denmark is one of the most bike-friendly spots on the planet and it is consistently ranked among the... Continue Reading →

The Danish Sure Know How to Make Danish – Mirabelle in Copenhagen, Denmark

The list of tasty places to dine in Copenhagen, Denmark is extensive. You can start your day with divine shakshuka at Café Atelier September, polish off a few of the mini Danish smørrebrød bybrids at Royal Smushi Cafe. If your stomach can... Continue Reading →

Your Stylish Home Away From Home – Café Atelier September in Copenhagen, Denmark

There are many stunning places in the world. For drop dead gorgeous landscapes it's tough to beat Iceland and New Zealand. When it comes to food, one city towers above the rest. At the sheer mention of Copenhagen, our stomachs... Continue Reading →

Stay Crunchy, Even in Milk – Granola in Copenhagen, Denmark

If there was only one thing we could do non-stop in Copenhagen, Denmark it would be eat. We have loads of favorite grub spots in København: Bodega's bodacious breakfast BLT will knock your socks off, Hija de Sanchez serves up the... Continue Reading →

Move Over Noma, Danes Are Diving Into Texas Barbecue – Warpigs in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen's resident superstar restaurant Noma is currently on hiatus. (Noma is pressing pause while René Redzepi and the team prepare to unveil a new space.) This means it's an excellent time to venture out and pull up a chair at other... Continue Reading →

Dive Into a Delicious Danish Hipster Brunch – Bodega in Copenhagen, Denmark

Exploring Copenhagen, Denmark can be exhausting and we mean that in the best possible way. There’s so much incredible food to eat (we begin salivating at the thought of the delicious tacos at Hija de Sanchez and cute little open... Continue Reading →

Life is Too Short to Wear Boring Jewelry – Priip in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is a country that has an abundance of both delicious food and innovative design. While foreigners may be familiar with world renowned brands like Royal Copenhagen (an iconic porcelain company) and Georg Jensen (a Danish silver design house), there is a veritable treasure... Continue Reading →

The Tale of the Open-Face Sandwich Sushi Virgin – Royal Smushi Cafe in Copenhagen, Denmark

When I Googled the title for this article, I was quite pleased. No results found for, "The Tale of the Open-Face Sandwich Sushi Virgin." Bucket list item checked off, but you, dear reader, probably clicked on this article hoping for an... Continue Reading →

Lots of Love – Nokken’s Tiny Houses in Copenhagen, Denmark

When you head to Copenhagen, the allure of certain neighborhoods is tough to resist. There's freewheeling Christiania, Copenhagen’s semi-autonomous commune which is known for its liberal culture...     ...and at the opposite end of the spectrum lie Nyhavn's prim brightly colored houses which top nearly every... Continue Reading →

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