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Comfort Food

The Perfect Finger Food – Nonna’s Empanadas in Los Angeles, California

Finger food is popular around the world. In Italy they have calzones (which are baked) and also panzerotti (similar to calzones, but usually deep fried or pan fried). In India you can indulge in savory samosas and across Latin America... Continue Reading →

Southern Fried Comfort – Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland, California

West Oakland's downtrodden lots and graffiti filled walls may be a turn off for some, but for others it represents a hotbed of creativity with an underdog-on-the-cusp type of feeling to it. Sure you'll see signs saying, "Do not feed... Continue Reading →

This Could Get Sticky – Syrup in Denver, Colorado

The sweetest spot in Denver has a multipage menu crammed full of waffles smothered in just about every kind of sweet fruit combo you can imagine and loads of cheesy carbolicious goodness. Butterscotch, Kahlúa and apricot are just a few of the... Continue Reading →

I Think Therefore I Ham – Pig & A Jelly Jar in Salt Lake City, Utah

Thinking about pork engages all five of your senses: There's the sound you hear when sizzling bacon cooks in a frying pan. The way a juicy pork chop tastes when it has been cooked just right. How a crispy piece of bacon feels when you... Continue Reading →

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