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A Trip to the Far East in the Far West – China Live in San Francisco, California

Having haunted many a food hall and marketplaces around the globe, we were over the moon when we heard the news that San Francisco would be welcoming its very own Asian food emporium this year. We love exploring foodie meccas... Continue Reading →

The Art of Spice – Rangoli India Restaurant in San Jose, California

While we were traveling around India, we saw a copious amount of colors. Vivid hues of orange, hot pink and yellow can be seen everywhere, but the loveliest shades are natural. Rangoli India Restaurant in San Jose, California steals its name from... Continue Reading →

Southern Fried Comfort – Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland, California

West Oakland's downtrodden lots and graffiti filled walls may be a turn off for some, but for others it represents a hotbed of creativity with an underdog-on-the-cusp type of feeling to it. Sure you'll see signs saying, "Do not feed... Continue Reading →

Happiness is Homemade – Bi-Rite Creamery in San Francisco, California

Craft everything is having a moment. From bourbon to chocolate, local handcrafted creations are taking foodie fanatics by storm. While small batches of nearly everything may be popping up almost everywhere, one homemade sweet treat has been a constant throughout... Continue Reading →

Let’s Give Them Something to Taco About – Tacolicious in Palo Alto, California

Whether you like to snag your tacos in Copenhagen or Mexico City, opting to go fork free is an excellent option almost anywhere... including Silicon Valley. Once upon a time (in 2009), in a land far far away (let's call it... Continue Reading →

Stop Eating Lunch at Your Desk – Run Away to SoMa StrEat Food Park Instead

There are plenty of reasons to stay chained to your desk at lunch time. The work keeps piling up. Everyone surrounding you is still tethered to their cube. You want to save money, so you brought lunch in from home.... Continue Reading →

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