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What’s the Scoop? – Claus Eismanufaktur & Deli in Stuttgart, Germany

We're always down for a crazy good brain freeze. We've eaten ice cream out of fish shaped waffles cones close to home at Uji Time in Berkeley, California and even crowned a downright dreamy violet sorbet with cotton candy at Rocambolesc Gelateria... Continue Reading →

I’ll Stop the World and Melt With You – The Kapiti Store in Auckland, New Zealand

Fig and honey, gingernut, black doris plum and crème fraîche are just a few of the fantastic flavors you can taste at The Kapiti Store in Auckland, New Zealand. One of our favorite front runners is The Kapiti Store's passionfruit and lemon... Continue Reading →

Ice Cream Dreams – Rocambolesc Gelateria in Madrid, Spain

There are plenty of places in the world to get ice cream, gelato or sorbet, but few places on the planet serve scoops so beautiful that they melt your heart. Rocambolesc Gelateria is the sweetest of spaces. It combines the life... Continue Reading →

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