Photogenic Trinidad and the the Valley de los Ingenios (Valley of the Sugar Mills) is one of nine places in Cuba that is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. It seems as though every tourist has the Spanish colonial city (and its 18th and 19th century buildings) on their map.


This means two things: First, you will see more Lonely Planet Cuba books being cradled in people’s arms than you’ll ever spy in any Barnes & Noble. Second, there are tons of tacky souvenir shops in Trinidad. One of my favorite things to bring back home is earrings. They’re lightweight, small and the quirky kinds I seek out are fairly inexpensive.

Hooked – Brightly Colored Cuban Crochet Designs

Thank goodness for Casa del Crochet. The shop opened one year ago and is a collaborative effort involving 35 female artisans.

Getting it Right in White – Serious Stitches at Casa del Crochet

In addition to selling hip little buggers called Amigurumi (a Japanese craft that consists of knitting or crocheting cute critters) the shop also has a wide variety of knit clothing.

Cuban Crochet in Color

One of the loveliest things about Casa del Crochet is the many different forms and styles of yarnspiration you’ll find in the shop.

Whimsical Designs at Casa del Crochet in Trinidad, Cuba

The other nifty thing about this shop is the way they package up your purchases. Small goods like earring are carefully wrapped up (for free) in hand stitched handkerchiefs.

Repeat Crafter Me – No One Wants Another Cheap Souvenir Tee Shirt

If you’re stressed out by the herds of amateur photographers roaming the streets of Trinidad or just looking for something petite and precious to bring back home, try taking a peek at the crafty creations in Casa del Crochet.

Casa del Crochet in Trinidad, Cuba


Casa del Crochet
Rosario #452 Francisco Javier Zerquera (Just off of Plaza Mayor Near the Corner of Real and Cristo)
Trinidad, Cuba
Phone: (0053) 01 58193252