When you hear the phrase one-stop shop, you might think of a place that has men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. Or a corner store that has bread, milk and wine. Chances are you aren’t thinking a one-stop shop is the perfect place for artwork, fashion and lifestyle items. Enter Wynwood’s fabulous Lulu Laboratorium.


I Know the Perfect Place for That Chair


It goes without saying that Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood has become synonymous with art…


Cuban Artist Michel Mirabal’s “Quejas y Sugerencias” (Complaints and Suggestions) on Display at Alberto Linero Gallery in Miami’s Wywood Art District


…graffiti and, of course, copious amounts of hipsters.


Manatee from Muralist Louis Masai’s, “The Art of Beeing” Series in Wynwood


In addition to the warehouses, coffee shops and restaurants, Wynwood is also breaking ground with exciting boutiques that bridge the fashion and art worlds. Lulu Laboratorium strikes the perfect balance between art gallery and clothing store.


APcollection‘s Panda Chair at Lulu Laboratorium


Like a coffee shop filled with unique local artwork, Lulu Laboratorium is that rare breed of business that melds together two worlds that might not otherwise meet. It’s the perfect gateway drug. You can snag a $20 Scotch & Soda button down that’s on sale while also learning about hip Belgium furniture designers like APcollection (whose pieces costs thousands of dollars).


Scotch & Soda and Defend Paris are Just a few of the Brands on Display at Lulu Laboratorium


At Lulu Laboratorium you’ll find sculptures, designer furniture on the floor and artwork splattered across the walls.


F&G’s, “All You Need is Love” Will Set You Back a Cool $15,000


Perhaps my favorite thing about a place as special as Lulu Laboratorium is how approachable it is. You may not be able to take a seat in those adorable APcollection chairs…


Bjork Might Enjoy This APcollection Chair


But the staff are more than willing to answer your questions and when I asked if it was alright to take pictures, the answer was an emphatic, “Yes. Of course!” While there certainly are folks who come to Miami with thousands in their pocket to burn, the vast majority arrive because they want to visit the beaches or to dip a toe into the art scene. It’s places like Lulu Laboratorium that make art accessible to everyone.


APcollection’s “Bad Bear” Looking Pretty Good at Lulu Laboratorium


Who knows. You might enter Lulu Laboratorium with the aim of buying a sick cellphone case, but end up walking out the door with a piece of furry furniture you just couldn’t resist.


Lulu Laboratorium in Miami’s Wynwood Art District


Lulu Laboratorium
173 NW 23rd Street
Miami, Florida 33127
Hours: Monday Through Friday 11:00am to 5:00pm
Phone: (305) 438-0071
Email: luludenim@yahoo.com