Normally when one thinks about a breakfast of champions visions of Wheaties or IHOP plates piled high with flapjacks might spring to mind, but that would be wrong. Once you lay eyes on the psychedelic wonders that The Original Bagel Store in Brooklyn bakes up, you get a grip on the type of diet that, say, a My Little Pony with a name like Skydancer must rely on in order to maintain your rainbow hued mane when five year olds with sticky jelly hands are constantly assailing you. (For the record, Beyoncé’s maintenance routine has nothing on a My Little Pony’s regimented diet.)


Magical Rainbow Bagels in Brooklyn’s The Original Bagel Store


In addition to rainbow bagels, The Original Bagel Store also offers cragels (a cross between a croissant and a bagel), but we’ll save that for another post or when we get a second stomach.


Chasing Rainbows at The Original Bagel Store in Brookyln, New York



Behind those large doe like anime eyes, a My Little Pony like Flutteryshy or Rainbow Dash must also harbor a surprisingly large amount of energy and stamina in order to keep up with a battalion of children, which of course must come from, what else… sugar!


What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger – Oreo Cookie Cream Cheese Anyone?


So why would you opt to go healthy and leave your bagel naked or, heaven for bid, go with a low fat cream cheese topping option? No way. At The Original Bagel Store you go all in. You get that rainbow vessel piled high with French toast cragel butter spread, Twinkie cake cream cheese or Reese’s peanut butter cream cheese.


Manic Panic Colored Cream Cheese Options at The Original Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York


If you really want to do your bagel up right, aim for the Holy Grail… have The Original Bagel Store slather on a generous amount of Funfetti cake sprinkles cream cheese and pray you don’t crash after the sugar high burns off.


Top This – A Rainbow Bagel Loaded with The Original Bagel Store’s Funfetti Cake Sprinkles Cream Cheese


Clearly My Little Pony peeps aren’t on a gluten free diet à la Seth Rogen in the movie, “This is the End,” so if you happen to find yourself in Brooklyn why not just let yourself succumb to The Original Bagel Store’s prismatic hued delights?



With that being said, moving isn’t really an option after you’ve housed one of The Original Bagel Store’s unicorn preferred meals, so you might want to plan on strolling the Brooklyn Bridge and working up your appetite before breakfast.


The Original Bagel Store
349 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11211
Hours: Monday Through Friday 7:00am to 4:00pm and Saturday and Sunday 8:00am to 5:00pm
Phone: (718) 218-7220