Jaipur, India is a romantic city. Just saying the name elicits a purr. From sparkling gemstones to the epic beauty of Hawa Mahal (the Palace of Winds), it’s hard not to get swept up in the moment when you’re in Jaipur.


Whispers of Romance – Hawa Mahal (The Palace of Winds) in Jaipur, India


The effervescent Nibs Cafe injects chocolate into Jaipur’s already intoxicating romantic combination of ravishing jewels and royal pink sandstone palaces.


Like a Moth to a Flame – Twinkling Lights at Nibs Cafe in Jaipur, India


Luckily we stumbled upon Nibs Cafe during a late night cab ride back to our hotel. The twinkling lights and fun ambiance caught our eye as we were driving by.


Who Says You Can’t Paint Your Home in Chocolate? Nibs Cafe in Jaipur, India


Something about the fun chocolate paint dripping from the awnings and the bikes on the gate screamed we’ve got to check this place out, so we headed back over there for dinner that very same night.


Why Couldn’t the Bikes at Nibs Cafe Stand? Because They Were Too Tired After Wheeling Around Jaipur, India.


We kicked things off with the London paneer tikka masala pasta. The dish was served in an adorable skillet on the table. We were intrigued by the promise of fresh pasta tossed in a classic masala gravy topped with cottage cheese chunks and boy were we happy the dish delivered.


London Paneer Tikka Masala Pasta at Nibs Cafe in Jaipur, India


Browsing through the options at Nibs Cafe is a serious endeavor. There’s a rather lengthy selection of items listed out in the newspaper style menu.



Kushal Sushil, Raunak Khandelwal and Sankalp Gupta are the three non-Beliebers (and very talented entrepreneurs) behind Nibs Cafe.



They opened Nibs Cafe in their hometown of Jaipur with the goal of creating a restaurant that has a fun interior and a wide range of food products and desserts that are all made in house. Nibs Cafe has everything from books to crates and bicycle wheels dangling from the ceiling. Colorful flowers and drips of chocolate paint add to its fun ambiance.


Jaipur Finds its Wings – A Dish of Cheese Angry Birds at Nibs Cafe


After brushing up a bit on the history of Nibs Cafe, we decided to order a round of cheese angry birds. The chili garlic potato munchers come gratinated and covered with cheese. A silky chili mayo is served on the side for dipping.


A Penne for Your Thoughts – Arrabbiata Pasta at Nibs Cafe in Jaipur


After devouring the cheese angry birds, we dove head first into the arrabbiata pasta which was served in a hefty bread bowl. The spicy dish was tossed in a tomato sauce with garlic, chili flakes and parsley. It was good, but the London paneer tikka masala pasta took the cake because of its medley of unique flavors.


The Carbdashians – Carb and Choco Overload on the Dessert Menu at Nibs Cafe


The full back page of Nibs Cafe’s menu is filled with desserts. We were pretty stuffed, but we were able to save room for a brownie shot. Nibs Cafe also serves hot chocolate, maniac shakes in flavors like red velvet cream cheese and refreshing drinks like a green apple soda made with green apple, fresh mint and soda water. There are nearly a dozen different kinds of caffeine kicks and coffee drinks you can order as well as frappes and a ton of chocolate related ice cream shakes. Pizzas, burgers, salads and sandwiches are also available.


Check Please! Nibs Cafe in Jaipur, India


Chances are high that your journey through India will involve plenty of long train rides, flights or road trips, so we’d highly recommend that you snag a box or two of Nibs Cafe’s chocolate chip cookies before you grab your check.


You’re One Smart Cookie if You Stop by Nibs Cafe in Jaipur


Whether you save a box for friends back home or devour the entire package yourself, one bite of Nibs Cafe’s chocolate chip cookies will remind you just how sweet a journey to Jaipur can be.


Nibs Cafe in Jaipur, India


Nibs Cafe
Address: 36 Sanjay Marg
Hathroi, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
*Located beside the Ratan Niwas Guest House.
Hours: Monday Through Sunday 11:00am to 11:00pm
Phone: 0141 – 5109696
Email: info@nibscafe.com
Pricing (All in Indian Rupees or Rs.): Coffee Drinks 49 to 119, Cold Drinks 99 to 169, Frappes 89 to 139, Shakes 119 to 239, Appetizers and Shared Dishes 69 to 299, Salads 159 to 199, Sandwiches and Burgers 149 to 239, Pasta Dishes 169 to 269, Desserts 39 to 249