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The Best Kind of Men Are Ramen – Fat Ramen in Helsinki, Finland

When we set out for an adventure across countries like Denmark and Finland one thing we weren't expecting to encounter were delicious Nordic twists on international fare like ramen and tacos. While we anticipated indulging in tasty regional Scandinavian dishes... Continue Reading →

A Trip to the Far East in the Far West – China Live in San Francisco, California

Having haunted many a food hall and marketplaces around the globe, we were over the moon when we heard the news that San Francisco would be welcoming its very own Asian food emporium this year. We love exploring foodie meccas... Continue Reading →

Brunchelona – Bar Clemens in Barcelona, Spain

Beating jet lag, at least for me, usually involves launching myself into the hustle and bustle of a new location in the hopes that the new sights, smells and sounds will keep me from sleeping the first day away.  La... Continue Reading →

Grocery Shop ‘Till You Drop – Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall (Магазина Купцов Елисеевых) in St. Petersburg, Russia

Almost anywhere you roam in St. Petersburg, Russia you'll encounter a sense of grandeur. From the sheer magnitude of The State Hermitage Museum to the glittering onion domes perched atop the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (or resurrection church... Continue Reading →

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