Beating jet lag, at least for me, usually involves launching myself into the hustle and bustle of a new location in the hopes that the new sights, smells and sounds will keep me from sleeping the first day away.  La Boqueria Mercat is about as busy as Barcelona gets. The busy market is jam packed with vendors selling everything from fresh jamón…


Get a Leg Up on Dinner at Barcelona’s La Boqueria Mercat


…to every shape of marzipan sweet imaginable.


Now That’s What I Call a Happy Meal – Marzipan Dessert Fries in Barcelona


La Boqueria Mercat is a paradise for the senses. If its colorful goods and crafty vendors can’t keep you awake after a red eye flight, you’re probably doomed to a day of slumber. Hoping off a flight also usually means my belly is ready for some tasty local grub. With dozens of delicious smelling stalls tightly packed in La Boqueria Mercat, it’s easy to want to go with the first yummy looking tapas stall you see. Instead, we headed straight to the back of the building and stumbled upon Bar Clemens which has been a La Boqueria Mercat staple since 1969.


My First “Brunchelona” at Bar Clemens in Barcelona’s La Boqueria Mercat



Since we had just landed, we weren’t quite sure what meal time it was. Since it was 3:00pm in Barcelona which is roughly 6:00am in San Francisco, we decided brunch time sounded about right. Our delicious Brunchelona spread included pimentos padrón (padrón peppers) and delicious albondigas (similar to what we might refer to as a meatball, but much more flavorful). I couldn’t get enough of the spicy peppers, so we ordered a second round of heat filled hot peppers along with a refreshing glass of Spanish Cava. It hit the spot perfectly.


Foodie Heaven – La Boqueria Mercat in Barcelona, Spain



It’s impossible to wander through La Boqueria Mercat without sampling some of the incredible grub Barcelona has to offer. Whether you’re jet lagged and hungry or just itching for some flavor, Bar Clemens serves up breakfast, lunch and brunch in a scrumptious Brunchelona fashion that has stood the test of time for nearly half a century.


Bar Clemens, or Clemen’s Boqueria, in Barcelona’s La Boqueria Mercat


Bar Clemens
Las Ramblas 89
Barcelona, Spain
Hours: Tuesday Through Saturday 7:00am to 4:00pm
Phone: +34 673 29 87 06
Pricing (All in Euros): Grilled Fish and Seafood 8€ to 30€, Fried Fish 8€ to 15€, Meats 8.50€ to 15€, Vegetables 5€ to 8€, Cheese and Ham 10€ to 15€, Salads 5€ to 8€, Eggs (with Ham, Bacon, Foie, etc.)  5€ to 12€, Drinks 1.40€ to 2.75€