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Tapas Your Feet to the Beat – Barceloneta in Miami Beach, Florida

Like a moth to a flame it's hard not to be drawn to Barceloneta in Miami, Florida. Located on the bustling corner of Bay Road and 20th Street in Miami's trendy Sunset Harbour neighborhood, this bistro and market looks like something... Continue Reading →

Brunchelona – Bar Clemens in Barcelona, Spain

Beating jet lag, at least for me, usually involves launching myself into the hustle and bustle of a new location in the hopes that the new sights, smells and sounds will keep me from sleeping the first day away.  La... Continue Reading →

Spicing it Up in Silicon Valley – Joya in Palo Alto, California

If you're looking for a bit of swagger, head over to Joya in Palo Alto. The restaurant features a wide range of modern Spanish and Latin dishes. You'll find traditional tapas like papas bravas and queso fundido along with more robust entrees... Continue Reading →

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