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Are You Scared? Me Too. Don’t Freak Out. Donate Blood, Make a Neighborhood Billboard or Try to Teach Your Dog How to Howl Instead.

Three weeks ago I was excited because I was about to be on a plane again. This time heading back to the East Coast to see friends and family for Easter. Two weeks ago we pushed that trip out. A... Continue Reading →

Lots of Love – Nokken’s Tiny Houses in Copenhagen, Denmark

When you head to Copenhagen, the allure of certain neighborhoods is tough to resist. There's freewheeling Christiania, Copenhagen’s semi-autonomous commune which is known for its liberal culture...     ...and at the opposite end of the spectrum lie Nyhavn's prim brightly colored houses which top nearly every... Continue Reading →

A Trip Down the Real Candy Cane Lane – Hammond’s Candies in Denver, Colorado

Forty flavors, that’s how many different kinds of candy canes you’ll find neatly arranged in metal pails around Hammond’s Candies headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Clove, pumpkin pie, coconut and even milk & cookies are just a few of the quirky... Continue Reading →

Antipodean and Artisanal, Two Words You Need to Learn in Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is a naturally stunning gem of a town perfectly situated on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. Bungee jumping and tourists are two things typically associated with this adventure capital of the world. If authentic New Zealand and a reprise from hordes... Continue Reading →

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