When you head to Copenhagen, the allure of certain neighborhoods is tough to resist. There’s freewheeling Christiania, Copenhagen’s semi-autonomous commune which is known for its liberal culture…


Almost Anything Goes in Christiania, Except for Photography


…and at the opposite end of the spectrum lie Nyhavn’s prim brightly colored houses which top nearly every visitor’s to-do list.


Picture Perfect Nyhavn


Humble homes don’t usually make the tourist track. Which is a good thing because if you’re brave enough to wander just South of Islands Brygge in Copenhagen, you’ll be rewarded by the sight of an adorable neighborhood named Nokken.


White Picket Fences are Common in the Tiny Home Community of Nokken


In Nokken you’re likely to spy oodles of charming Danish cottages and zero tour buses.


The Teensy Estates in Nokken Often Have Fun Names


The first cottages sprouted up in the 1930s.


Itty Bitty Property in Progress


Today there are over 100 individual leases in Nokken.


In addition to Nokken, here’s a list of other neat little local spots you might enjoy checking out in Copenhagen.


Not only are the petite properties visually appealing, they also promise a big reduction in building costs.


Nokken’s Little Plots are all Neatly Arranged


With homes that measure in dozens of square feet, it’s also easy to see the allure of less vacuuming as well as lower monthly lighting, heating and electric bills.


Pint Sized Pretty in Copenhagen, Denmark


Cozy homes throughout the neighborhood often get tricked out with lawn ornaments…


Cuteness Overload in a Copenhagen Yard


…and you’ll find loads of garden gnomes sprinkled throughout the quaint community.


In Copenhagen’s Nokken, Homeowners March to the Beat of Their Own Drum


Instead of cowering in the shadows of giant complexes, the tiny worlds of wonder perk up what might otherwise be a dull and dreary skyline of anonymous gray.


Standing its Ground – One of Nokken’s Many Itty Bitty Houses


Strolling through the ‘hood leaves you with the sense that each owner takes pride in their abode.


Nokken’s Shed Sized Homes in Denmark


Limited interior space means most Nokkens spend a lot of time outdoors, so greenhouses are a common site.


A Lilliputian Garden in Nokken


Stir craziness could become an issue, so landowners take care to make the most out of their Thumbelina-sized lawns.


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While walking around Nokken you’re likely to see many residents sharing a meal with family and friends at their picnic table instead of in front of a television.


Small, but Mighty – Micro Gardening Skills on Display in Copenhagen


Nokken comes fully equipped with its own bar…


The Local Watering Hole in the Tiny Town of Nokken


…and locals seem to willing to welcome outsiders with smiles and warm nods.


The Friendly Residents of Nokken Often Wave Hello to Visitors


Downsizing might seem scary, but wandering along the delightful pathways in Nokken could change your mind.


Not Keeping Up with the Joneses in Nokken


Nokken’s easily walkable neighborhood permits outsiders to take a peek at the micro-living lifestyle. Unlike apartment living, you don’t have to share walls with the folks next door. Moving into a tiny town means paring your material goods down to the bare necessities. It probably also requires forging closer bonds with your neighbors since it’s likely you’ll need to borrow an extra cup of sugar from time to time.


Perhaps Less is More


Nokken’s mini mansions come in all different shapes and colors, but one thing that they all have in common is uniqueness.


Maybe All you Need is Love… and a Bench and an Apple Tree.


Nokken seems to serve as a subtle reminder that you don’t have to be big and ostentatious to leave a lasting impression.


A Small Fry Stands out in the Nokken Community in Copenhagen, Denmark


Joining Nokken requires a high level of closeness whether it be with your significant other, your neighbors or the land. Little living might be too cozy for some, but it seems to suit the pretty community of Nokken perfectly.

If you’re interested in visiting the community, the corner of Artillerivej and Thorvald Borgs Gade is a great place to begin perusing Nokken. From Tivoli in Copenhagen, you can take the 250S bus and the closest stop to Nokken is Rundholtsvej (Artillerivej).