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Oh Hey There Hop Stuff – Katjes Café Grün-Ohr in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a super hip city to visit. From the ridiculously soft handmade kicks at Atheist Shoes to the sweet scents at Frau Tonis Parfum, there's a lot of shops to love in Germany's capital city. One thing we weren't... Continue Reading →

The Fry’s the Limit – Hans im Glück in Stuttgart, Germany

When one thinks of Germany, many things might spring to mind like beer (the guava beer at Ambiente Africa is out of this world), castles (Neuschwanstein Castle will make you feel like a real life Disney prince or princess) and... Continue Reading →

Solar Powered Cuban Cooking – El Romero Eco Restaurant in Las Terrazas, Cuba

Dining in Cuba can range from the ridiculously inexpensive sweets (make sure you say hello to the 8¢ ice cream in Pinar del Río, Cuba) to juicy barbecue pork ribs at one of our favorite restaurants in the country, Melangé Grill... Continue Reading →

Home of the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Roll – Sushi Confidential in Campbell, California

Sushi is amazing for approximately 501 million reasons, the number one reason being that it tastes so darn good. At Cupcake Sushi in Key West, Florida you can chow down on sweet dessert versions like the Snickers roll or the sea... Continue Reading →

Belly of the Beast – Hell’s Kitchen in Oslo, Norway

Pizza is something that almost any country can do well, but it isn't necessarily a dish you expect to be executed to perfection in Norway. After all, Norway is home to tons of traditional meals like reinsdyrsteik (reindeer roast) and... Continue Reading →

A Local Take on the Island of Siargao in the Philippines with Emma Pamley – Liddell, Blogger and Photographer at Journey of a Nomadic Family

Editor’s Note: Our #FoodWaterShoes #LocalInsiderTips interviews give you a peek at local gems. These guest blog posts feature top travel tips from influential travelers in the know.   This week, we are chatting with Journey of a Nomadic Family blogger... Continue Reading →

The Art of Spice – Rangoli India Restaurant in San Jose, California

While we were traveling around India, we saw a copious amount of colors. Vivid hues of orange, hot pink and yellow can be seen everywhere, but the loveliest shades are natural. Rangoli India Restaurant in San Jose, California steals its name from... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Finger Food – Nonna’s Empanadas in Los Angeles, California

Finger food is popular around the world. In Italy they have calzones (which are baked) and also panzerotti (similar to calzones, but usually deep fried or pan fried). In India you can indulge in savory samosas and across Latin America... Continue Reading →

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