Pizza is something that almost any country can do well, but it isn’t necessarily a dish you expect to be executed to perfection in Norway. After all, Norway is home to tons of traditional meals like reinsdyrsteik (reindeer roast) and kjøttboller (meatballs). Oh, and don’t forget smalahove (salted sheep’s head). When we stumbled weary and jet lagged into Hell’s Kitchen in Oslo, Norway late on a Thursday night, salted sheep’s head was the furthest thing from our mind which turned out to be a good thing because what we got was some of the best pizza we’ve ever eaten outside of Italy.

Pizza Heaven - Hell's Kitchen in Oslo, Norway
Pizza Heaven – Hell’s Kitchen in Oslo, Norway

When you enter Hell’s Kitchen it feels a bit like a cross between the old school pizza joints of our youth melded with the sticky beer floors of our college days. Hell’s Kitchen isn’t a fancy place, it’s unpretentious in its own well worn hipster sort of way.

Clearly we’re pizzaterians. Here are some of our favorite places on the planet to show off our pizza pride.

Hell’s Kitchen has ample space, but if you’re worried about snagging a table they do accept bookings over the phone for reservations of four to seven people. The restaurant does keep half the restaurant unbooked specifically for drop in guests which we adore.

Map to My Heart - The Pizza Menu at Hell's Kitchen in Oslo, Norway
Map to My Heart – The Pizza Menu at Hell’s Kitchen in Oslo, Norway

Our first victim of the evening was a #10. The #10 consists of meatballs (well, we had to slip a traditional Norwegian bit of grub in our pizza festivus somehow), slices of tomato, garlic and jalapeño. (We skipped the red onion.) The garlic was a fabulous addition to the pie.

Perfect 10 - Hell's Kitchen's #10 Pizza in Oslo, Norway

Next up we dove head first into #17 which is also known as the “HK Special.” The dang pizza was so good we ordered a second #17. The light fluffy crust was the perfect match for toppings like steak, meatballs, spinach, feta, mushrooms, garlic and chili.

In addition to Hell’s Kitchen, here’s a list of other neat little local spots we love across Norway.

On Friday and Saturday nights, Hell’s Kitchen regularly hosts what are known as, “Hell’s Juke Box,” which brings in a slew of local musicians. Whether you’re in the mood for some Italian slices or a bit of Oslo’s live music scene, Hell’s Kitchen is the place to be.

Hell’s Kitchen
Address: Møllergata 23
Oslo, Norway
Hours: Sunday Through Thursday 2:00pm to 11:00pm, Friday and Saturday 2:00pm to 1:00am
Phone: +47 22 11 20 00
Pricing (All in Norwegian Krone or NOK): Vegetarian Pizzas 152 to 162, Seafood Pizzas 157, Meat Pizzas 162 to 172, HK Special Pizza 182

To fold or not to fold. How do you eat your pizza? Do you dare to go crust first? We’re curious. Drop us a line in our comments section. We’d love to know what you think is the proper way to bite a piece of pizza. 

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