When my first cup of coffee is in my hands, I can bearly contain my excitement. Some mornings you can bearly open your eyes. There are days when you feel like you’re bearly awake. Whether you’re a weekday warrior or a jet lagged traveler, chances are you’ve needed a jolt of java at some point to kick start your day.


There are Plenty of Perks at Sleepy Bear Coffee in Lausanne


Thankfully the baristas at Sleepy Bear Coffee in Lausanne, Switzerland will cheerfully help you get through your daily grind.


When You Feel Depresso, Head to Sleepy Bear Coffee for an Espresso


Sleepy Bear Coffee is Lausanne’s first real specialty coffee shop.


It’s Going to be a Brew-tiful Day, Now that You’ve Got Your Adult Sippy Cup


Its prime location at Grancy Centre Commercial is right near the Grancy metro station and is only a short walk from Lausanne Gare (Lausanne’s central train station and metro hub), making it an easy fueling station for bleary eyed humans.


Espresso Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself at Sleepy Bear Coffee


When you limit the amount of time between bean roasting and coffee consumption, you enhance the flavor of your brew. That’s why every week founder Sheil Kataria and the rest of the Sleepy Bear Coffee crew freshly roast their coffee right in Lausanne.


Got a Latte on Your Mind? Take a Sip and Mull Things Over at Sleepy Bear Coffee in Switzerland


The result is happy customers who get to sip on Americanos, Cortados and filtered coffee full of flavor with robust aromas.


Sleepy Bear No More – After a Freshly Roasted Brew You’ll be Back in Action


In addition to coffee drinks, Sleepy Bear Coffee also serves tea and a selection of light bites. On the weekends you can even find hot dishes on offer.


Your Butter Half – Start Your Day with a Chocolate Croissant at Sleepy Bear Coffee


Whether you’re attending a work conference or off to explore the Olympic Museum and the hilly cobblestone streets of old Lausanne, you might want to start off strong by pouring yourself a cup of liquid gold from Sleepy Bear Coffee first.


Sleepy Bear Coffee in Lausanne, Switzerland


Sleepy Bear Coffee
Rue du Simplon 3
1006 Lausanne, Switzerland 1204
Hours: Monday Through Friday 7:00am to 6:30pm, Saturday 8:00am to 6:00pm
Phone: +41 21 616 40 00
Email: info@sleepybearcoffee.ch
Pricing (All in Euros): Espressos, Lattes and Other Hot Drinks from 3.00€ to 6.00€