Switzerland brings to mind images of watches, fondue and copious amounts of chocolate. For me, that no longer rings true. From this day forward, Switzerland shall now be known as the country where I discovered my first pancake burger at Pancs in Lausanne, Switzerland.

A photo of chocolate Easter eggs (oeufs de Pâques au chocolate) at Danile Gauthier in Lausanne, Switzerland. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Arm Candy – Switzerland is Known for More Than Pretty Peaks and Luxury Watches

Come to think of it, this shouldn’t really be all that surprising. After all, the country is known for Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, so why wouldn’t it produce a foodie multi-tool too? Maybe it’s because Switzerland effortlessly pulls off so many classics that my mind just never thought chefs in the country would go to off the beaten path to nutty nom nom land. From the scrumptious caramel beurre-salé éclairs at Pâtisserie Pierre et Jean’s in Geneva to the delicious cups of coffee at Sleepy Bear in Lausanne, the Swiss have your typical brekkie basics (and then some) down pat.

A photo of the grey benches with pink pillows at Pancs, a fast food restaurant that serves chicken pancake burgers in Lausanne, Switzerland. Photo Courtesy of Food WaterShoes
A Great Combo – Muted Tones and Pancake Burgers Elevate the Fast Food Options at Pancs in Lausanne, Switzerland

When I first heard about a burger that substituted two pancakes for a bun, I was intrigued. My heart fluttered just a bit. Then slowly, just like a hiker packing their bag before a big climb, doubt began to set in. What if this super sized meal failed to impress? What if it lacked taste? There were plenty of other options on the menu like basic lemon sugar or even a less frightening sounding halloumi, pepper, tomato, spinach and yogurt combo, but instead I forged ahead ordering the yeti of burgers.

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As soon as I picked the hefty chicken pancake burger up, I grew more alarmed. Both pancakes felt a bit moist to the touch. My heart sunk. (For the record, I’m more of a syrup dunker than I am a syrup slather. Soggy pancakes just aren’t my jam.) Seeing as how it was our first full day in Switzerland, my brain started saying this harebrained scheme was a disaster waiting to happen. Ordering a black bun burger at Wave Burgers in St. Petersburg, Russia was one thing, but a pancake Frankenstein burger is a whole different beast. Maybe I had taken things too far. Then I took a bite.

A photo of a chicken pancake burger at Pancs, a fast food restaurant in Lausanne, Switzerland. Is it technically breakfast, lunch or dinner? Weird and strange, but good! Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Burger Bomb – The Chicken Pancake Burger at Pancs in Lausanne, Switzerland

Oddly enough, the combo totally worked. It was like what you would expect the offspring of a chicken salad and short stack to be, except it wasn’t. The pancakes themselves have a nice robust vanilla flavor to them and because the inside is more salad like and less chicken breast like, the guts lend much needed moistness to the cakes.

In addition to Pancs, here’s a list of other neat little local spots we love across Switzerland.

The combo is substantially more filling than your average cheeseburger at McDonald’s, but not quite as filling as a double-double at In-N-Out Burger. Could I eat this once a week or even once a month? Nope, but it sure was an interesting summit to tackle. So if you find yourself in jet lagged haze in Switzerland, and you’re not sure if it’s technically time for breakfast or for lunch, opt for the chicken pancake burger instead. You just might end up getting the best of both worlds.

An exterior street view photo of the outside front of Pancs a fast food restaurant in Lausanne, Switzerland. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes.
Pancs in Lausanne, Switzerland

*Pancs also has a London location.
Address: Rue des Terreaux 4
1003 Lausanne, Switzerland
Hours: Everyday 10:00am to 11:00pm
Phone: 021 311 19 79
Pricing (All in Swiss Francs): Pancs (Pancake Burgers and Sandwiches) 5.20 CHF to 10.90 CHF, Alcoholic Beverages 5 CHF to 5.90 CHF, Non-Alcoholic Beverages 2.20 CHF to 4.90 CHF

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