At Cuppin’s in Lausanne, Switzerland you’re bound to find all kinds of sweetness. There are rainbow layer cakes and Cuppin’s gâteau piñata is a sight to behold oozing it’s five different flavors of Smarties after you cut into it. Cuppin’s also has cheeky pochettes from Label Plume on display as well as cute treasures for children via Ptitkabout (a European label created by three moms who love sewing and all manner of DIY cuteness).


“It is Time to Rekindle the Stars and to Believe in Unicorns” – Agreed! An Adorable Label Plume Pochette at Cuppin’s in Lausanne


All you need to do is look up. We’ll admit, when we were first on the hunt for Cuppin’s it took a bit of circling around Rue du Petit-Chêne to find the shop. Here’s a helpful hint. Stand directly in front of the Mövenpick ice cream shop on Rue du Petit-Chên and look up. Like way up. Away from the glowing screen of your phone and almost up into the sky. Yep. There it is. Cuppin’s is basically nested on top of the Mövenpick and Schmutz Opticiens. In order to enter Cuppin’s just walk to the right of the Mövenpick shop’s front door and head up the other branch of Rue du Petit-Chêne and the entrance to Cuppin’s will be on your right. Now that you finally made it, it’s time for a treat because, well, you earned it. (…and if you’ve ever trekked up Rue du Petit-Chêne from Lausanne Gare with a packed suitcase, you know what a feat that can be.)


Cupcakes A.K.A. Pretty Dolled Up Muffins


One of Cuppin’s house specialties is cupcakes. You’ll find cupcakes with unicorns on them, cupcakes made with gingerbread and Speculoos. Heck, you’ll even find vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free cupcakes.


A Cupcake from Cuppin’s in Lausanne, Switzerland is Happiness with Icing on Top


We tried Cuppin’s apple and cinnamon cupcake which had a gooey deliciousness inside. Then, for safety, we snagged a mini Speculoos cupcake just for, you know, quality control reasons.


An Apple (and Cinnamon Cupcake) a Day Keeps the Doctor Away at Lausanne’s Cute Little Cuppin’s Bakery and Tea Shop


If you’re like us and consider shopping cardio, you can burn off those cupcake calories by wandering around the boutique.


One of Our Favorite Necklaces from Label Plume in Cuppin’s Reads, “A Little, a Lot, to Madness, in French


In addition to earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other types of jewelry, Cuppin’s also carries accessories, notebooks and other assorted trinkets. Dina Basic-Gawad created the concept store and bakery with her cousin in 2011, with the belief that Cuppin’s could house unique gifts, cupcakes, cakes, tea, pastries and creative workshops all under one roof.


Cupcakes, Coffee and Cadeaux- The Perfect Recipe for Success at Cuppin’s


Whether you’re on the hunt for a European inspired bobble to remind you of your trip to Lausanne…


Cuppin’s has the Bird Earrings of Your Dreams in Stock


…or looking for a magical cake for a special occasion…


It Has Been an Emotional Day at Cuppin’s in Lausanne, Even the Cakes Are in Tiers!


Chances are high that your sugar tooth will be satiated at Cuppin’s in Lausanne.


Cuppin’s in Lausanne, Switzerland


Rue du Petit-Chêne 20
1003 Lausanne, Switzerland
*A second Cuppin’s location can be found in Geneva, Switzerland (Genève, Switzerland).
Hours: Monday Noon to 6:30pm, Tuesday Through Friday 10:00am to 6:30pm, Saturday 10:00am to 6:00pm
Phone: 078 705 13 12
Pricing (All in Swiss Francs or CHF): Cupcakes 2.50 to 5.00Full Size Cakes 49.00 to 109.00