Crêpes or crepes are a common street food staple in France. While they sound upscale and fancy, crepes are actually fairly easy to pull off at home, but Sweet Pea’s Cafe does such a masterful job of crafting crepes that you ought to consider getting out of your stretchy pants this weekend and swinging by this cute little cafe in Los Gatos, California.


Creating World Peas Since 1998 – Sweet Pea’s Cafe in Los Gatos, California


The original Sweet Pea’s Cafe was opened by Michael McBride and Dorte McBride nearly two decades ago with the aim of serving fresh, tasty and affordable grub in Los Gatos. All of the ingredients that Sweet Pea’s Cafe uses are organic and sourced from local producers.


Peas Be Mine – Los Gatos Institution Sweet Pea’s Cafe on North Santa Cruz Avenue


Breakfast is served all day at Sweet Pea’s. While the cafe offers everything from omelets to waffles as well as salads and burgers, you can’t go wrong if you opt for one of Sweet Pea’s crepes crammed full of flavorful fillings. You can opt to start your day off with something light like, perhaps, a half serving of Sweet Pea’s veggie Benedict (which consists of hollandaise sauce, a poached egg, spinach and tomato all wrapped in a crepe of your choosing) or you can go big. Really big. Sweet Pea’s Cafe has a Hawaiian classic loco moco crepe that takes a large crepe of your choice and combines it with a hamburger patty, an egg cooked to your liking, spinach, mushrooms and a white wine and mushroom “gravy.” There’s also a jammin’ crepe with a sweet cream cheese and raspberry jam filling, two eggs and your choice of bacon, chicken apple sausage or ham and, of course, whipped cream.


Give Peas a Chance – Los Gatos, California’s Sweet Pea’s Cafe Makes a Mean Chicken Artichoke Crepe


Whether you decide to go sweet or savory, Sweet Pea’s Cafe makes for the perfect brunch spot any day of the week.


Sweet Pea’s Cafe in Los Gatos, California


Sweet Pea’s Cafe
453 North Santa Cruz Avenue
Los Gatos, California 95030
*There’s also a Sweet Pea’s Cafe location in Capitola, California.
Hours: Monday Through Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm, Saturday and Sunday 8:00am to 4:00pm
Phone: (408) 354-3144
Pricing (All in USD): Savory Crepes $8.00 to $12.50, Sweet Crepes $4.00 to $8.50, Omelets and Waffles $5.00 to $16.00, Salads $6.00 to $12.50, Sandwiches $4.00 to $10.75, Burgers to Fries $2.00 to $9.50, Soups and Quiches $4.00 to $10.00