Denmark is a country that has an abundance of both delicious food and innovative design. While foreigners may be familiar with world renowned brands like Royal Copenhagen (an iconic porcelain company) and Georg Jensen (a Danish silver design house), there is a veritable treasure trove of small design shops scattered alongside Copenhagen’s walkable streets.


Pastel Colored Ceramic Jewelry Sits on Shelves Inside Priip in Copenhagen, Denmark
Beautiful Baubles – A Selection of Lovely Handcrafted Jewelry from Priip in Copenhagen, Denmark


One morning, while we were heading to Granola over on Værnedamsvej for brunch, we stumbled across the most beautifully hued shop called Priip. Priip’s shop and studio creates simple lovely ceramics, all of which are designed and manufactured in Denmark.


A Window Display at Priip in Copenhagen, Denmark Has Earrings and Little Vases on Display
Window Shopper – Petite Vases and Delicate Earrings in Priip’s Storefront in Copenhagen, Denmark


While you can find Priip’s designs in a handful of boutiques in Copenhagen (like BY HAND – KalejdoskopDesign Gitta Foldberg and Dina Vejling Dansk Kunsthåndværk) your best bet is to head straight to the source. Priip’s Tullinsgade location functions not only as a boutique, but also as a workshop. Often you’ll see Pia Rasmussen, Priip’s ceramicist hunkered over her work bench crafting a gorgeous pair of earrings or a bracelet.


In addition to Priip, here’s a list of other neat little local spots you might enjoy checking out in Copenhagen.


Priip is a rare opportunity for you to interact with the artist who creates your pieces. Cheery and eager to share her craft with fellow jewelry enthusiasts, Rasmussen is happy to answer any questions you might have about her current shop (which has been open since 2008) and how her designs have evolved since she started Priip back in 2006.


Gold Hoop Earrings from Priip in Copenhagen, Denmark that Have White Disks with Holes in Front of Coral Colored Disks
Ear Candy – Danish Designer Priip’s Lovely Double Hole Pattern Earrings


Priip’s double hole pattern earrings are often made in contrasting colors like white in front of turquoise or white on top of yellow. Far from being trendy, the design itself is so timeless that you’ll likely sport them for years to come.


Brightly Hued Bracelets and Earrings Decorate Trays at Priip in Copenhagen, Denmark
I Like My Bracelets Like My Pancakes, Stacked – Priip’s Porcelain Beaded Bracelets Beg to be Mixed and Matched


If you plan on being in Copenhagen, you may want to consider taking a class with the master herself.


Get ready to shop ’till you drop. Here’s a list of our favorite fashion finds, places where you can shop local and support small business around the globe.


Rasmussen offers both a class in porcelain jewelry making and a hands on class in crafting Christmas ornaments. If you aren’t going to be in Copenhagen anytime soon, Priip offers its designs online –  handcrafted local Danish designs are just a click away.


The Green Sign Outside Priip as Seen from the Sidewalk in Copenhagen, Denmark
Priip in Copenhagen, Denmark


Tullinsgade 25
1618 Copenhagen, Denmark
Hours: Tuesday Through Friday Noon to 5:00pm, Saturday 11:00am to 2:00pm
Phone: +45 23 70 27 11
Pricing (All in Danish Krone or DKK): Bracelets 225.00 to 645.00, Christmas Ornaments 260.00 to 360.00, Earrings 250.00 to 425.00, Classes 650.00 to 1,575.00