A common refrain, when talking about the largest cities in the world, is that these places are packed with millions of people. In the case of Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), India’s bustling megacity-sized waterfront hub, dozens of millions of people might be more accurate. As of 2014, the financial capital was home to an astounding 21 million people according to the United Nations.

This means that if you’re hunting for breakfast in Mumbai the sheer number of options available makes the odds of you stumbling across the perfect coffee joint fairly slim. Luckily a friend who lives in Mumbai whisked our grumbling bellies off to Smoke House Deli one morning. The food at Smoke House Deli is delicious and the attention to detail, with regards to the interior design of this grub spot, makes it unlike any other restaurant.


The walls of Smoke House Deli are covered with whimsical designs and patterns drawn by hand with black markers.


One of the employees told us that it took a team from Bangalore 23 painstaking hours to decorate the BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex) Mumbai location. (Smoke House Deli has three locations in Mumbai – BKC, Pali Hill and Phoenix Mills. Rumor has it that the Pali Hill location has multiple stories all covered with the crafty artwork.)

Just because a place looks fun doesn’t necessarily mean that its food is scrumptious, but Smoke House Deli passes that test with flare.

As a Westerner in India, its not uncommon to have sets of curious eyes sneaking a peek at you. In the case of Smoke House Deli the walls have eyes and the cappuccinos might even give you a sweet wink too.


The all day café and delicatessen has an extensive list of cocktails and coffees as well as bagels, breakfast bakes, signature burgers and pastas many of which with localized Indian twists.

We get depresso over bad espresso. Curious about some of the other amazing coffee spots we’ve taste tested around the globe? Here are some of our favorite cafés around the world.

Since we popped in for breakfast, we gave the Old School Masala and “Salli” Omelette a whirl. The omelette was fluffy and filled with spicy spunk.


The French Fries + Roasted Peppers + Cheddar Bake kept my tummy content until dinner that evening plus it was fun kicking off the first meal of the day eating fries.


If you’re looking for a familiar standby, the Good Old Eggs Benedict is a decent bet. It’s served on an airy brioche with ham and topped with hollandaise.


Carnivores must snag a side of Smoke House Deli’s Breakfast Bacon.

In addition to Smoke House Deli, here’s a list of other neat little local spots we love across India.

Not only is the generous portion doled out in a big bowl, it has a sweet maple flavor that’s highly addictive.


We happened to be in Mumbai during Diwali, so Smoke House Deli had a cool set of playing cards available with their drawings celebrating the Hindu festival of lights. The cards are a fantastic souvenir and/or a great way to keep you occupied during your train travels around India. (During other holidays and times of the year there’s a chance Smoke House Deli may sell other limited edition creations with their artwork you can buy.)


Additional Smoke House Deli locations can be found throughout India in Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata (formerly Calcutta).


Smoke House Deli BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex) Mumbai
3A, Ground Floor First International Financial Centre
Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, India