Nothing quite gets a weary travel zombie going the way a delicious pour of coffee does. We’ve lingered over coffee cups where the walls have eyes at Smoke House Deli in Mumbai, India. In Havana, Cuba we got a chance to taste café bonbons (100 percent Cuban espresso combined with a shot of sweeten condensed milk) at Cuba Libro. One of the smoothest caffeine pours we’ve had anywhere in the world are the cappuccinos at Nómade in Montevideo, Uruguay.

A photo of graffiti by Colectivo Licuado (which consists of street artists Camilo Núñez and Florencia Durán) in Montevideo, Uruguay. The wall mural features a woman (or a girl) in a dress covered with fruit and is one of the sights to see / things to do in Montevideo.
A Wall Painting by Colectivo Licuado Artists Camilo Núñez and Florencia Durán in Montevideo, Uruguay

South America’s second smallest country (behind Suriname) packs a punch when it comes to caffeine. The “muerte” (which translates to “death” in Spanish) stamped on the outside of each to-go cup at Noómade is a result of the shop’s collaboration with Montevideo based MVD Roasters. (The stamp with its quirky skeleton cup logo might also be symbolic of how you feel early in the morning before that first gulp of tasty coffee hits your brain.)

A photo of a pretty tiled floor topped with elegant gold chairs and tables at Nómade, a café in Montevideo, Uruguay. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
All That Glitters is Gold – Hip Tiles Peek Through Retro Tables and Chairs at Nómade’s Coffee Shop in Montevideo, Uruguay

We stumbled Nómade, a gem of a coffee shop, purely by accident. We were on our way over to have breakfast at The Lab just down the street, but regrettably The Lab hadn’t opened on time and we had a ferry we had to catch back to Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Opening time for The Lab was supposed to be 8:30am, but when they still hadn’t opened up by 8:45am we decided to give Nómade a whirl and boy were we happy we gave it a shot.)

A photo of an Italian made Faema E71 espresso coffee machine and elegant cups at Nómade, a café in Montevideo, Uruguay. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Whole Latte Love – We Knew Nómade in Montevideo, Uruguay Took Its Coffee Seriously When We Caught a Glimpse of Its Italian Made Faema E71

Despite our embarrassingly bad Spanish, our talented barista whipped us up two amazing cappuccinos. The cappuccinos were incredibly smooth. Often times we find that burned beans or a bitter taste stymies caffeine fixes, but that wasn’t the case at Nómade. We’ve had a chance to sip some decadent coffees around the globe, but the cappuccinos we slurped down at Nómade just might be the most elegant, classic and delicious cups we’ve ever tasted.

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We loved our coffees so much that after we slurped down our first two cappuccinos at Nómade, we ended up returning to Nómade for another round of their delicious joe after we ate breakfast at The Lab.

A photo of a cup of coffee being held near the front door to Nómade, a café in Montevideo, Uruguay. The photo is of the exterior / is an outside street view shot of the restaurant. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Nómade in Montevideo, Uruguay

Address: Sarandí 499
11000 Montevideo, Departamento de Montevideo, Uruguay
Hours: Monday Through Friday 8:00am to 8:00pm, Saturday Noon to 10:00pm, Sunday  Noon to 6:00pm
Phone: +598 92 870 425
Pricing (All in Uruguayan Pesos): Espresso (One Ounce) $80.00, Long Black (Five Ounce) $100.00, Americano (Eight Ounces) $110.00, Americano XL (12 Ounces) $120.00, Macchiato (Two Ounces) $100.00, Flat White (Five Ounces) $120.00, Cappuccino (Eight Ounces) $130.00, Latte (12 Ounces), Jamón Casero y Queso (Homemade Ham and Cheese Tostado) $165.00, Pesto y Queso (Pesto and Cheese Tostado) $165.00, Chipá de Queso (Also Known as Pan de Queso or Cheese Puff Balls) $60.00, Croissant $90.00, Hot or Iced Tea (12 Ounces) $110.00, Exprimidos (12 Ounce Juices) $120.00, Hot or Iced Chocolate (12 Ounces) $130.00

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