Whether or not The Chelsea Drugstore is located on historic George’s Street in Dublin is up for debate. Technically speaking you can sneak into the dispensary via a secret passageway located near the back of The Market Bar (a fantastic tapas spot) on Fade Street. If you enter the pharmacy through it’s main entrance, then yes, it’s on George’s Street.


The Chelsea Drugstore’s Secret Passageway is Located Near the Antique Shoe Forms in The Market Bar


Once you arrive on the other side, you’ll pop into what used to be the Messers Whisby drugstore in the beginning of the 20th century. Rumor has it that the pharmacists were adept at researching the healing power of cocoa and that the good doctors were the first to sell cocoa as medication.


The Chelsea Drugstore – A Pharmacy You Won’t Mind Spending Time in


Today the only elixirs on offer have names like The Bon Vivant of Dublin 8 (a spin on the Boulevardier using Irish whiskey and a spiced Malbec reduction) and Damn Beetniks (rye whiskey, scotch and sherry shaken together like one big happy family). The Chelsea Drugstore also dispenses penicillin (two types of scotch and absinthe shaken together for a smoky tart flavor).


Delicious Medicine – Prescriptions on Tap at Dublin’s The Chelsea Drugstore


I was prescribed an Opihr oriental spiced gin muddled with aromatic cardamom and ginger spritzed with a dash of ginger ale. It was the best Rx I’ve ever tasted.


Feeling Cocktail Love Sick – The Drinks Menu at The Chelsea Drugstore in Dublin


A small range of food (beetroot hummus, olives, etc.) and hot bar snacks (fish tempura, hot potato wedges, etc.) are also available at The Chelsea Drugstore. You know, just in case you start feeling a bit better and regain your appetite.


Down the Rabbit Hole – The Chelsea Drugstore in Dublin, Ireland


Whether you’re looking for a bit of cocktail showmanship or you want to wander down a rabbit hole à la Alice and Wonderland, The Chelsea Drugstore is bound to have a “drink me” potion or two that will quench your thirst.


The Chelsea Drugstore in Dublin, Ireland


The Chelsea Drugstore
25 South Great George’s Street
Dublin, Ireland 2
Hours: Monday Through Wednesday 4:00pm to Midnight, Thursday Through Sunday 4:00pm Until Late
Phone: 00 353 1 613 9093
Email: hello@thechelseadrugstore.ie
Pricing (All in Euros): Drinks €11.50 to €13.00, Wine by the Glass €6.80 to €8.00, Beer €4.50 to €6.50, Gin Serves €9.00 to €13.50, Food €1.50 to €12.00, Dessert of the Day €5.50