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Serious Brain Freeze – Woodbury in San Francisco, California

The overly sugary slushies of your youth probably bring to mind warm summers and stained tongues. Thankfully the boozy adult slushies you'll find at San Francisco's Woodbury are a whole lot less sugary with just the right kick.    ... Continue Reading →

Dining and the Gift of Gab – Casa Don Tomás in Viñales, Cuba

  One thing you learn early on traveling around Cuba is that the musicians are good, really really good. On every other street corner there are talented singers and guitarists strumming their hearts out. They have a certain swagger and an ability... Continue Reading →

Don’t Put a Cork in it – Rootstock Wine Bar in Los Gatos, California

Your family and friends give you roots, but wine can give you wings. Rootstock Wine Bar in Los Gatos, California offers a little bit of both.     According to Wikipedia, "A rootstock is part of a plant, often an... Continue Reading →

Elixirs for What Ails You – The Chelsea Drugstore in Dublin, Ireland

Whether or not The Chelsea Drugstore is located on historic George's Street in Dublin is up for debate. Technically speaking you can sneak into the dispensary via a secret passageway located near the back of The Market Bar (a fantastic tapas... Continue Reading →

Cuba’s Best Restaurant – Melangé Grill & Bar in Camagüey, Cuba

Just over 300 miles South of Havana lies Camagüey. Cuba's third largest city, after Havana and Santiago de Cuba, is known for its maze of winding streets that often even befuddle local taxi drivers. (Rumor has it that Camagüey's tangle... Continue Reading →

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