It’s common knowledge that the ultimate sushi experience involves paying a visit to Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market.


You Make Miso Happy – Fresh Fish Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan


At Tsukiji and sushi restaurants around the world you’re bound to bump into salmon (sake), hamachi (yellow tail) and uni (sea urchin). Maple crunchy bacon, chili chocolate and key lime are flavors you’ll only find on the menu at Cupcake Sushi in Key West, Florida.


Don’t Get Raw with Me – Cupcake Sushi’s Bite Sized Delicate Dessert Art


Lori Shubert, Cupcake Sushi’s head sushi chef (or lead baker depending on which way you look at it) whips up itty bitty cupcakes cleverly disguised as sushi rolls.


No More Mr. Rice Guy – Cupcake Sushi’s Delicious Desserts


Cupcake Sushi takes the phrase “creative rolls” to a whole new level. Each roll is made with buttercream frosting rather than rice. Thankfully Shubert doles out chopsticks along with her scrumptious sushi, so the rolls melt in your mouth and not in your hands.


Soy Awesome – Bite Sized Sushi Desserts Are Served at Cupcake Sushi in Key West


Cupcake Sushi is small, but mighty. Despite being housed in a closet sized space with no tables, Cupcake Sushi has an ambitious menu.


Are Those Chopsticks or Are You Just Happy to Sashimi? Cupcake Sushi in Key West, Florida


Peanut butter, fudge brownie and even banana flavored mini cupcakes can all be found on Cupcake Sushi’s outsized menu.


Control Your Tempura – A Rainbow of Color at Cupcake Sushi in Key West


During our visit we had trouble deciding between all of the sushi grade flavors, so we went with an eleven flavor tasting box. It’s worth noting that stronger flavors, like the pumpkin spice, definitely standout from the sea of sweet buttercream. In the end we decided the best “cuts” Cupcake Sushi offered were sea salt caramel (yellow cake and sea salt caramel rolled in vanilla butter cream) and a delicious Snickers flavored roll.


My Soymate – A To Go Box From Cupcake Sushi in Key West


If you’re over the Sushiritto craze and fishing around for a new trend to try, Cupcake Sushi is worth a pit stop. Just remember that your buttercream cupcake sushis may melt in the glorious Key West heat, so store your cupcake sushis appropriately. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be asking your creme brûlée and cheesecake to move over in the fridge after your first bite of cupcake sushi. It’s safe to say that Cupcake Sushi is on a (new trend) roll.


Cupcake Sushi in Key West, Florida


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