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You Want a Peas of Me? – Sweet Pea’s Cafe in Los Gatos, California

Crêpes or crepes are a common street food staple in France. While they sound upscale and fancy, crepes are actually fairly easy to pull off at home, but Sweet Pea's Cafe does such a masterful job of crafting crepes that you ought... Continue Reading →

Culture Clash – Piscolabis in Old Havana (Habana Vieja), Cuba

In Spanish "piscolabis" means "snack." What you'll find once you set foot inside Piscolabis in Old Havana (Habana Vieja) is that it's also synonymous with a one stop shop composed of a wonderful boutique bazaar and a cute coffee shop all rolled into... Continue Reading →

Flour Power – Pâtisserie Pierre et Jean in Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland is known as the smallest of big cities. It's easy to navigate and filled with wonderful food (and chocolate) that pulls together the best of Swiss and French cuisine.     On Rue Verdaine, in the heart of... Continue Reading →

The Tale of the Open-Face Sandwich Sushi Virgin – Royal Smushi Cafe in Copenhagen, Denmark

When I Googled the title for this article, I was quite pleased. No results found for, "The Tale of the Open-Face Sandwich Sushi Virgin." Bucket list item checked off, but you, dear reader, probably clicked on this article hoping for an... Continue Reading →

Espresso Yourself – Ogawa Coffee in Boston, Massachusetts

Kyoto is a gorgeous place filled with gardens, palaces and shrines. In a few short weeks Kyoto's first cherry blossoms are expected to bloom.     Kyoto is also where Ogawa Coffee first began roasting beans in 1952. Boston is almost a full day's... Continue Reading →

Cutie Pie – Se7en Bites in Orlando, Florida

Most of us associate Florida with sunshine, palm trees and if you're talking about Orlando in particular, Mickey Mouse.     What it isn't quite as well known for, yet, are incredible hipster cafés and restaurants. Se7en Bites is one... Continue Reading →

Fork it Over – P is for Pie Bake Shop in Orlando, Florida

All self respecting math fanatics know that Pi Day (March 14th) is just around the corner. In honor of pi's infinite nature, it seemed logical that we ought to prepare a post on the other, perhaps tastier, pie. As luck... Continue Reading →

Little Sweets and Big Peaks – Patagonia Dulce in Puerto Natales, Chile

Hiking Patagonia's heavenly peaks takes stamina, strength... and chocolate. Puerto Natales serves as a gateway to the breathtaking Patagonian fjords and Torres del Paine National Park. It's a compact little city that's easy to walk and has a surprisingly large (for its... Continue Reading →

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