There is a special little cafe in Madrid, Spain. Federal cafe is named after a tiny town in Australia that has fewer than 1,000 people in it. Federal is a bustling brunch and dinner spot that serves everything from feta bruschetta (which is quite fun to say out loud) to an assortment of biscuits, cakes, pastries and other delights that are baked fresh each day.


Flakey in All the Right Ways – An Assortment of Croissants, Galletas, Lamingtons and Strudel at Federal in Madrid, Spain


After a long international flight, chances are high that you’re going to end up feeling a bit parched the next morning. That’s why we kicked our visit off at Federal by ordering an elderflower passion pash.


An Elderflower Passion Pash with Sparkling Mondariz Mineral Water at Federal in Madrid, Spain


It’s a delightful blend of sparkling Mondariz mineral water and small purplish black elderberries. Mondariz, we found out, is a town in Spain that’s known for its mineral water. Mondariz has been bottling up its tasty agua since 1877.


Suc de Vida Moscatell at Federal in Madrid Spain


Well, as delicious as the elderflower passion pash was, it still hadn’t quenched our thirst entirely, so our next victim was a life juice of sorts called Suc de Vida. (When you’re feeling a bit run down, a life juice seems like it is the way to go.) It’s basically an organic grape juice. Our was of the moscatell variety and it was pretty refreshing. Thirst finally in check, we decided to get down to business.


Brunch Darling - Shakshouka at Federal in Madrid, Spain
Brunch Darling – Shakshouka at Federal in Madrid, Spain


For breakfast we ordered a divine shakshouka. Shakshouka (or shakshuka as you’ll sometimes see it spelled) is a dish that typically hails from Northern Africa. It’s also popular in the Middle East and in a number of Mediterranean countries too. Federal’s shakshouka consists of poached eggs, tomato salsa, red peppers and a dollop of creamy labneh.


Egg-Cellent - Eggs Benedict with Bacon at Federal in Madrid, Spain
Egg-Cellent – Eggs Benedict with Bacon at Federal in Madrid, Spain


We also snagged a glorious eggs Benedict with bacon at Federal. The English muffin was perfectly toasted and the bacon came in the form of nice thick slabs.



The interior of Federal is sleek and hip. You’ll find fresh flowers set out on the communal tables and fun woven bull heads mounted on the walls. Federal is the type of cool Madrid hipster cafe that will easily lull you into a food coma and have you ready for a siesta after you chow down on its delicious grub.


Federal Café in Madrid, Spain
Federal Café in Madrid, Spain


Federal *There are six Federal cafes in Madrid.
Address: Plaza del Conde de Barajas 3
28005 Madrid, Spain
Hours: Monday Through Thursday 9:00am to Midnight, Friday and Saturday 9:00am to 1:00am, Sunday 9:00am to 8:00pm
Phone: +34 918 526 848
Prices (All Prices in Euros): Non-Alcoholic Drinks 1,4 to 6,5, Beer 2,5 to 4, Wine 3 to 18, Cereals 3,6 to 5,5, Croissants 4,6, Toast 2,7 to 8,9, Eggs 5,9 to 8,5, Eggs Benedict 9,2