Hunting for unique kicks is one of our favorite things to do when wandering abroad. We’ve spied rhinestone heels at Kron in Reykjavík, Iceland and we even hopped gleefully into the bunny themed shoe heaven known Minna Parikka in Helsinki, Finland. Perhaps we’ve been too busy running around and maybe that’s we’ve never had time to stop and ponder the big questions in life, like, “Is there a shoe god?”


A photo of awfully black black sneakers and a little truck sign on a wood shelf at Atheist Shoes in Berlin, Germany.
I Gotta to Have Faith, Faith, Faith… in Atheist Shoes From Berlin, Germany


David Bonney is the fearless leader behind The Meaningful Shoe Company and Atheist Shoes in Berlin, Germany. Bonney is a creative strategist (in the past he’s held roles at the likes of DDB and McCann Erickson) and he also holds a masters in psychology from Trinity College Dublin. Atheist Shoes took off after Bonney wrote a Reddit post six years ago titled, “I’m a godless shoemaker and I’ve made an atheist shoe… what do you think?


A photo of a kitten testicle grey boot and a Nabakov cream sneaker on a wood shelf beside a sign that says, "Touch me!" at Atheist Shoes in Berlin, Germany.
Even Atheists Have Soles – Atheist Shoes in Berlin, Germany


All of the footwear at Atheist Shoes features sleek natural rubber bottoms with one of two unique tread patterns on the bottom of each pair of shoes. The gear over at Atheist Shoes also happens to be made of ridiculously soft leather in sharp hues with names like “awfully black black” and the rather amusing KTN or “kitten testicle grey.”


Clearly we love shoes. Curious about some of the other crazy heels and shoe boutiques we’ve discovered around the globe? Here are some of our favorite shoe finds in the world.


One of the design details about these shoes that really set our fashionista hearts flutter is the fact that the upper of all Atheist Shoes are virtually stitch free. Each shoe is handmade by a small artisanal group of craftsmen in Portugal using just three pieces of leather (most shoemakers use around ten components).


A photo of a chalkboard sign that says, "The most comfortable shoes in the known universe!" The bottom of the sign says according to, "Lots of People," spotted at Atheist Shoes in Berlin, Germany.
A Cult for Shoe Lovers – Atheist Shoes in Berlin, Germany


While the vast majority of Atheist Shoes’ offerings are made out of calfskin leather, they also offer a vegan friendly version made of an Italian microfiber manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and television casings. Pretty crafty.


A photo of British racing green sneakers at Atheist Shoes in Berlin, Germany.
Green with Envy – We’d Happily Devote Ourselves to Snazzy Sneakers From Atheist Shoes in Berlin, Germany


We’re lusting after Atheist Shoes’ sneakers in sleek British racing green, but not surprisingly, handmade doesn’t always match up with in stock. We’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed that Bonney and his team get more sizes in stock once the European vacation season comes to a close.


A photo of Nabakov white cream shoes, das petrol blue shoes, kitten testicle grey sneakers and a das cognac shoe on display a top a wooden box bench beside brightly colored flowers at Atheist Shoes in Berlin, Germany.
Making Everyone a Believer in Comfy Soles – Atheist Shoes in Berlin, Germany


You can find Atheist Shoes in heart of Berlin in the Mitte neighborhood (right near Weinmeisterstrasse if you’re taking the U-Bahn). In an age filled with faceless corporate giants that promote empty values, maybe it’s not too far fetched to imagine a world where a shoe brand that’s transparent about believing in absolutely nothing develops a cult like following.


A street view photo of the outside of Atheist Shoes from the sidewalk in Berlin, Germany.
Atheist Shoes in Berlin, Germany


Atheist Shoes
Address: Sophienstrasse 8
Berlin, Germany 10178
Hours: Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Noon to 7:00pm
Pricing (All in Euros): Boots €210 to €240, Shoes €195, Sneakers €215