We’ll be the first to admit we have a passion fruit problem. (As we type this post, we can neither confirm nor deny that a dozen or so of the delicious fruit are resting on our kitchen table.) We’ve devoured passion fruit éclairs at L’Éclair de Genie in Paris, France and swooned over cupcakes with passion fruit filling at 17 Sortir in Reykjavík, Iceland. It wasn’t until we stumbled across Paez in Porto, Portugal that our love of passion fruit collided full force with the other love in our life… shoes.


Beautiful blue and white azulejo tiles decorate the outside of Carmo Church (Igreja do Carmo) in Porto, Portugal. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Big Blue – Azulejo Tiles Decorate Carmo Church (Igreja do Carmo) in Porto, Portugal


You may have arrived in Porto hoping to drink a bit of wine and check out some incredible tile work, but as it turns out, Porto has so much more to offer. From kooky cereal cafés to elegant shops, Porto is an easy city to fall in love with.


A pair of espadrilles decked out with passion fruit print sit beside green shoes in a window display at the Paez store in Porto, Portugal. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Passion Project – We’re Slightly Obsessed with Paez’s Fruitful Collaboration with Portuguese Beverage Brand Sumol


Paez is of Argentinian origin, but today is a Barcelona based brand with stores across both Portugal and Spain.


Six sandals in different brightly colored styles and prints sit on display at the Paez shoe store in Porto, Portugal. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Paez of Mind – Colorful Sandals at Paez in Porto, Portugal


Paez launched in 2007, and was started by three co-founders Francisco MurrayTomas Pando and Francisco Piasentini.


Clearly we have a passion for all things fashion. Curious about some of the other crazy heels and shoe boutiques we’ve discovered around the globe? Here are a few of our favorite shoe finds in the world.


Brightly colored hues and pretty patterns adorn espadrilles at Paez in Porto, Portugal. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Change Your Patterns – Brightly Colored Hues and Pretty Patterns Adorn Espadrilles at Paez in Porto, Portugal


Paez is known predominantly for its accessories, espadrilles and its shoes (which have a design aesthetic akin to Toms).


Believe it or Knot – Orange Bird Print Sandals at the Paez Shoe Store in Porto, Portugal


Everything at Paez is decked out in cool original prints.


In addition to Paez, here’s a list of other neat little local spots we love across Portugal.


You’ll find shoes that feature everything from birds, bugs and bananas to flowers, surfers and, of course, passion fruits.


Brightly colored passion fruits, oranges and pineapples decorate bathing suits, swimsuits and gear as a result of a collaboration with Portuguese beverage brand Sumol at the Paez clothing and shoe store in Porto, Portugal. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Feeling Fruity – Passion Fruits, Oranges and Pineapples Decorate Swimsuits and Gear at the Paez Store in Porto, Portugal


The passion fruit print is result of a fun collaboration called, “Fruit of Choice,” that Paez is doing with Sumol (a Portuguese beverage brand).


Passion fruit print espadrilles from the Sumol collaboration with Paez in Porto, Portugal. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Holding Pattern – Passion Fruit Print Espadrilles From the Sumol Collaboration with Paez in Porto, Portugal


Whether you’re as much of a fan of passion fruit as we are or if you’re just looking for a cool pair of espadrilles to fold flat and take home in your luggage, Paez is one fun shopping stop to check out.

An exterior street view photo of the outside of the front of the Paez shoe store in Porto, Portugal. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Paez in Porto, Portugal

*There are five Paez stores in Spain and two locations in Portugal.
Address: Paseo de Clerigos, Loja J
4050-161 Porto, Portugal
Hours: Monday Through Saturday 10:00am to 10:00pm, Sundays and Holidays 11:00am to 10:00pm
Email: hola@paez.com
Pricing (All in Euros):
Bags €9.90 to €74.90, Espadrilles for Women €29.99 to €44.90, Sneakers for Women $54.90 to €59.90, Boots for Women €89.90, Sandals for Women €16.99 to €20.99, Espadrilles for Men €29.99 to €44.90, Sneakers for Men €74.90, Sandals for Men €16.99, Espadrilles for Kids €24.90 to €29.90, Sandals for Kids €39.90 to €44.90