The list of delicious things to see and do in Paris is easily a mile long. From the delicate sablé kitsuné (fox shaped cookies) at chic Café Kitsune to the frogs’ legs at Michelin starred Le Taillevent, you can dine as low or high end as you’d like in the city of lights. If you’re craving cozy Russian cuisine in a chic Parisian atmosphere, Café Pouchkine is the perfect place for you to nestle into.

A cappuccino with a dusting of chocolate at Café Pouchkine in Paris, France. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Coffee, Because Adulting is Hard – A Cappuccino at Café Pouchkine in Paris, France

Andrey Dellos, an entrepreneur who hails from Moscow, opened the first Café Pouchkine in 1999.

Small Wonders – Les Mini Médovic Are Tiny Versions of Traditional Russian Dessert Consisting of a Biscuit, Sgushenka Cream (Sweetened Condensed Milk) and Smetana Cream (a Potent Russian Sour Cream)

The café gets its name from famed Russian poet Alexander Pouchkine and also from a fictional café that is mentioned in the lyrics of French singer Gilbert Bécaud’s song, “Nathalie.”

Brown, pink, red, yellow and green macarons on display at Cafeé Pouchkine in Paris, France. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Pretty in Pastel – Macarons on Display at Café Pouchkine in Paris, France

There are three Café Pouchkines in Paris. The Place de la Madeleine location serves as a tea room, a bar, a pastry shop, a restaurant and a Russian grocery store.

A slice of mille-feuille at Café Pouchkine in Paris, France. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
There Are a Thousand Reasons Why We Love the Mille-Feuille at Café Pouchkine in Paris, France

The “Pouchkinette” over on Rue des Petits Carreaux is the one we popped into.

Less is a Snore – Pavlova, Matriochka Fraise Coquelicot et Bergamote (a Matryoshka Made with Poppy, Bergamot and Strawberry) and Coupole Cheescakes at Café Pouchkine in Paris, France

Pastry chefs Nina Métayer and Patrick Pailler whip up a myriad of Parisian sweetness at Café Pouchkine.

Le Camellia – Vanilla Shortbread, Cherry Mousse, Whipped Cream Made With Cherry Blossom and Lime, Fresh Cherries and a Bit More Lime

More than 30 desserts can be found on the menu including elegant hazelnut chocolate cakes (cake chocolat noisette), croissants and even stunning pavlovas.

Clearly we love sweet stuff. Here are some of our favorite places to eat local and indulge in a sugar rush around the planet.

A peach colored vesna sits beside white puffs of pavlova at Cafeé Pouchkine in Paris, France. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Air Apparent – Vesna and Pavlova on Display at Café Pouchkine in Paris, France

Sweet stuff isn’t the only thing you’ll find at Café Pouchkine. There are also traditional Russian dishes like beef stroganoff, borscht and piroshki that will help you stave off even the chilliest of Parisian winters. Caviar, ranging from the affordable to the astronomical in price, also makes an appearance on the menu.

In addition to Café Pouchkine, here’s a list of other neat little local spots we love across France.

If you decide to take a treat or two home, the luxurious packaging from Café Pouchkine is sure to impress. The pink, blue and brown stripes you see throughout the shop and along the bottoms of the menus are beautiful, but they also have a fun story behind them that ballet fans and Francophiles alike will appreciate.

Pretty boxes with flowers and bows sit on the counter at Café Pouchkine in Paris, France. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
We’re Pretty Tied Up at the Moment – Beautiful Bows on Display at Café Pouchkine in Paris, France

The packaging was inspired La Bayadère, a famous Russian ballet from the 19th century which was first performed in St. Petersburg. The ballet was choreographed and reimagined by renowned Russian choreographer and dancer Rudolf Nureyev nearly a hundred years later in 1992, at the Paris Opera. If you’re looking for a reason to make your tastebuds dance, Café Pouchkine is one act you won’t want to miss in Paris.

An exterior street view photo of the outside front of Café Pouchkine (also known as Pouchkinette) taken from the sidewalk in Paris, France. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Café Pouchkine (Also Known as Pouchkinette) in Paris, France

Café Pouchkine (Also Known as Pouchkinette)

*There are three Café Pouchkine locations in Paris.

Address: 14 Rue des Petits Carreaux

75002 Paris, France

Hours: Monday Through Saturday 11:00am to 8:00pm *Closed on Sundays.

Phone: +33 1 42 36 76 99


Pricing (All in Euros): Burgers and Sandwiches €16.50 to €24.00,  Salads €21.00 to €26.00, Blini €15.00 to €19.00, Piroshki €20.00, Eggs €12.00 to €18.00, Starters €19.00 to €28.00, Soups €16.00 to €18.00, Fish and Meat Dishes €19.00 to €37.00, Vegetarian Dishes €16.00, Caviar €82.00 to €430.00, Desserts and Sweets €6.00 to €15.00, Afternoon Tea for Two €40.00, Coffee and Tea Options €3.60 to €12.00, Juices €7.00