The city of light is a place you can visit an endless number of times, but still depart Charles de Gaulle feeling as though you’ve just barely scratched the surface. Whether you choose to nibble on delicate sablés aux fleurs from Peonies or decide to give frogs’ legs a try at Le Taillevent, Paris is a city that will always leave your stomach wanting more. If what you’re seeking during your rendezvous in Paris is an evening indulging in the pleasure of good food done well, then you need look no further than Buvette.

A photo of os à moelle ail confit et champignons (bone marrow with a confit made from garlic and mushrooms) at Buvette, a local restaurant in Paris, France. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Bone Appétit – Os à Moelle Ail Confit et Champignons (Bone Marrow With a Confit Made From Garlic and Mushrooms) at Buvette in Paris, France

For foodies visiting Paris the 9th arrondissement, where you’ll stumble upon Buvette, is practically a landmark destination in its own right. Buvette is the type of place that’s showered with low lighting, tightly packed tables and young couples on first dates. It’s the kind of French bistro where you’ll find hip young students from Amsterdam chatting in English with the Americans seated beside them.

In addition to Buvette, here’s a list of other neat little local spots we love across Paris.

One of funnest dishes on the menu, for us at least, is the hachis parmentier. It’s basically the French version of shepherd’s pie, a delicious dish commonly found across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

A photo of hachis parmentier boeuf mijoté et purée (a traditional French casserole made with beef stew and whipped potatoes) at Buvette, a Local restaurant in Paris, France. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Whip It Good – Hachis Parmentier Boeuf Mijoté et Purée (a Traditional French Casserole Made With Beef Stew and Whipped Potatoes) at Buvette in Paris, France

Buvette’s constantly rotating melting pot of dishes and English speaking patrons shouldn’t be all that surprising when you consider that Chef Jody Williams is an American. Despite its French name and Parisian address, the first outpost of Buvette actually opened up in New York City’s West Village in 2011. The Paris location came along in 2012. Buvette’s third and final nook, Tokyo, landed on the map in 2018.

Wondering what the fork you should eat for dinner tonight? Curious about some of the other amazing grub spots we’ve tried around the globe? Here are some of our favorite restaurants around the world.

Out of all the yummy plates that crowded our tiny table that evening, one dish was our absolute favorite. Coming in directly ahead of the hachis parmentier for the first place crown was the choux de Bruxelles (Bussels sprouts).

A photo of choux de Bruxelles avec pécorino râpé et noix (Brussels sprouts with grated pecorino cheese and walnuts) at Buvette, a local restaurant in Paris, France. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Every Day I’m Brusselin’ – Choux de Bruxelles Avec Pécorino Râpé et Noix (Brussels Sprouts With Grated Pecorino Cheese and Walnuts) at Buvette in Paris, France

Another one of our favorite things, besides the os à moelle, choux de Bruxelles and hachis parmentier we chowed down on, are the lovely menus at Buvette.

A photo of beautiful gorgeous unique paper menus at Buvette, a local restaurant in Paris, France. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
What’s on the Menu? Me-n-U Dining at Buvette, a Local Restaurant in Paris, France

Whether you’re in the mood for a light bite like chevre et miel (goat cheese and honey) or something a bit more substantial like coq au vin (braised chicken in a red wine sauce), Buvette is the type of spot you can easily sidle on into.

An exterior street view photo of the outside front of Buvette, a local restaurant in Paris, France. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes.
Buvette in Paris, France

*There are three Buvette locations around the world.
Address: 28 Rue Henry Monnier
Paris, France 75009
Hours: Monday Through Friday 8:30am to Midnight, Saturday and Sunday 10:00am to Midnight 
Phone: +33 1 44 63 41 71
Pricing (All in Euros): Tartines (Toasts and Small Plates) €8.00, Légumes (Vegetable Dishes) €9.00, Les Croques (Fried Cheese Sandwiches) €12.00, Viandes (Meat Plates) €15.00

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