Eateries around the globe are adding a side of fun to breakfast. It makes business “cents” for restaurants to jazz up the most important meal of the day. At Pop Cereal Café in Porto, Portugal you can add ice cream and mint flavored milk to your bowl. Balls and Bangles in Queenstown, New Zealand lets you inject shots of peanut butter and other fillings into your donuts. Seeing as how Central New York sees its fair share of April showers and grey skies, we are thrilled to see restaurants like Modern Malt in Syracuse, New York popping rainbow colored hues on their brunch menus.

A photo of a stack of three blueberry pancakes topped with blueberry bourbon jam at local hot spot Modern Malt in Syracuse, New York. The upstate New York CNY based diner serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
The B.B. King at Modern Malt is Berry Sweet – A Trio of Blueberry Pancakes Topped With Blueberry Bourbon Jam in Syracuse, New York

Modern Malt is located in Armory Square in the heart of downtown Syracuse. The upstate New York based restaurant focuses on playful versions of common comfort food.

A photo of the interior inside of Modern Malt, a gastro diner in Syracuse, New York. The area above the bar is painted with words that say, "Milkshakes & Whiskey." Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Gastro Diner – Modern Malt in Syracuse, New York’s Armory Square Features Everything From Milkshakes and Whiskey to Poutine

For example, there’s a twist on traditional eggs Benedict called pig Benedict that’s made with braised pork belly and onion frizzles. Modern Malt also has a whole section of its menu dedicated to poutine called the poutinerie.

A photo of Modern Malt's breakfast poutine. The dish includes Tater Tots, New York State cheese curds, a poached egg and gravy. The breakfast brunch spot is located in downtown Syracuse, New York's Armory Square. Photo Courtesy of FoodWatershoes
Wake Up and Smell the Poutine – Modern Malt’s Breakfast Poutine Includes Tater Tots, New York State Cheese Curds, a Poached Egg and Gravy in Syracuse, New York

Among the funkier offerings on Modern Malt’s menu is an Oreo French toast. We were concerned the dish might be too much of a good thing, but it is divine.

A photo of Oreo stuffed French toast at local hot spot Modern Malt in Syracuse, New York. The toast is filled with Oreo buttercream and drizzled with chocolate and marshmallow sauce. Modern Malt is an upstate New York CNY based diner that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Double Stuffed – Oreo French Toast at Modern Malt in Syracuse, New York

The toast features an Oreo buttercream center and is drizzled with both chocolate and marshmallow sauce. The consistency of the toast is lighter and fluffier than you might think, kind of like a really good doughy cinnamon roll.

Clearly we’re big breakfast fans. Curious about some of the other crazy brekkies we’ve taste tested around the globe? Here are some of our favorite brunch places in the world.

The service at Modern Malt is excellent. We visited Modern Malt right before we flew back to California and encountered a massive lunch rush. Our server, Kevin, was completely on top of things and put a rush on our order, so we were able to scoot in time for our flight. (Thanks Kevin!)

A photo of the Barney Rubble at Modern Malt in Syracuse, New York, The dish features two slices of French toast encrusted with rainbow hued Fruity Pebbles cereal. On the side there is red strawberry ginger jam and also a dish of crème anglaise for dipping. The quirky creative brekkie breakfast food looks weird, but tastes delicious. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Yabba Dabba Doo to Crafty Cooking at Modern Malt in Syracuse, New York – The Barney Rubble Features French Toast Encrusted With Fruity Pebbles Cereal

Our favorite item on Modern Malt’s menu is the Barney Rubble. It consists of two hefty slices of French toast encrusted with Fruity Pebbles cereal. We skipped putting maple syrup on these delicious slices because the strawberry ginger jam that accompanies it is so dang perfect. The Barney Rubble also comes with a side of crème anglaise for dipping.

In addition to Modern Malt, here’s a list of other neat little local spots we love across New York State.

A word to the wise, while our Barney Rubble looked stunning photographed beside the Fruity Pebbles shake we also ordered (see the featured photo at the top of this post), it was a bit too much of a good thing. We’d definitely order the tasty French toast again, but the shake pushed our burgeoning belly over the edge. (The Fruity Pebbles shake is made with strawberries and blueberries, so while it does have the colorful cereal topping, it’s more of a sweet flavored fruit shake while the toast stays closer to its cereal roots.)

A photo of the salted caramel milkshake at Modern Malt in Downtown Syracuse, New York. The brown hued milkshake features whipped cream and is topped with salted popcorn. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Shake it Off – A Salted Caramel Milkshake at Modern Malt in Downtown Syracuse, New York

If adding Oreos or Fruity Pebbles to your French toast seems a bit too adventurous for your tummy’s liking, there are less kooky picks for you to choose from. For instance, Modern Malt’s lengthy milkshake menu includes quirky slurps like a Wild Berry Pop-Tarts option, but it also balances that out with familiar flavors like a German chocolate cake shake and a salted caramel variation.

A photo of the Elvis B-side at Modern Malt in Syracuse, New York. The dish consists of three bacon and banana stuffed pancakes topped with peanut butter drizzle. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Gut Buster – The Elvis B-Side Consists of Three Bacon and Banana Stuffed Pancakes Topped With Peanut Butter Drizzle at Modern Malt in Syracuse, New York

While standard fare like plain pancakes, burgers and sandwiches appear on the menu, it’s really tough not to delve out of your comfort zone and into one of Modern Malt’s crazy creations.

A photo of a rainbow layer cake dessert at Modern Malt in downtown Syracuse, New York. Beside the slice of cake there is a glass jar filled with colorful gumballs. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Modern Malt and Its Eclectic Menu Offerings Are Bringing Color Back to Downtown Syracuse, New York’s Armory Square

While we’d love to tell you to save room for dessert at Modern Malt, our stomachs just couldn’t make it that far. After tackling a poutine appetizer, glorious griddle options and some shakes, we needed to take a time out. We plan to pop in again sometime soon, so we can give Modern Malt’s carmo’ corn pancakes a whirl.

An exterior street view photo of Modern Malt, a diner in Syracuse, New York. This is a picture of the outside front of the CNY Central New York comfort food spot. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes.
Modern Malt in Syracuse, New York

Modern Malt
Address: 325 South Clinton Street
Syracuse, New York 13202
Hours: Monday Through Thursday 8:00am to 8:00pm, Friday and Saturday 8:00am to 10:00pm, Sunday 8:00am to 6:00pm
Phone: (315) 471-6258
Pricing (All in USD): Burgers and Sandwiches $10.00 to $16.00, Eggs $8.00 to $17.00, French Toast $8.00 to $12.00, Pancakes $7.00 to $11.00, Poutine $11.00 to $13.00, Soups and Salads $4.00 to $12.00, Waffles $8.00 to $11.00, Breakfast Shots $4.00 to $5.00, Milkshakes $5.00

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