We’ve gone behind the seams to check out the finest haute couture gowns at João Rôlo Couture in Lisbon, Portugal and we’ve gawked at Tatty Devine‘s funky baubles in London, England, but in Romeo and Juliet’s hometown we fell head over heels for the fierce fashion on display at Bottega Giuliana in Verona, Italy.

A photo of a tourist looking at the gold statue of Juliet in a courtyard in Verona, Italy. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Gilt Complex – A Tourist Admires Juliet’s Statue in a Courtyard in Verona, Italy

Bottega Giuliana isn’t the type of boutique you head to in order to snag a bargain. Its elegant refined clothes have price tags that match the high end designs it sells.

A photo of a purple floral Escada gown in a window beside an Escada heart bag in rainbow tweed at Bottega Giuliana, a cute shop in Verona, Italy.
Grape Crush – A Window Display at Bottega Giuliana in Verona, Italy

If, however, you’re on the market for a coveted Escada bouclé heart bag or the kind of dress that’s literally going to last you a lifetime Bottega Giuliana is where to go. Its fabulous fashion and the shop’s helpful, not pushy, sales people will make your heart melt.

A photo of a Rita Ora designed black leather Escada heart bag at Bottega Giuliana, a cute boutique in Verona, Italy. The rare purse features gorgeous gold accents and hardware. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Layer With Love – An Escada Heart Purse on Display at Bottega Giuliana in Verona, Italy

At Bottega Giuliana you’ll come across duvet style jackets from Bosideng that look like they strutted straight off of Milan Fashion Week’s catwalk. You’re just as likely to spy sleek suit jackets as you are brightly colored python purses and bags made out of crocodile.

Curious about some of the other unique boutiques we’ve discovered around the globe? Here are a few of our favorite fashion finds we’ve found across the planet.

One of our personal favorites was a silk Escada statement shirt emblazoned with the Italian phrase, “Veni Vidi Vici,” (“I came, I saw, I conquered”) which ought to spice up any boring business meeting in a heartbeat.

A photo of a white Escada t-shirt with rhinestones, beads and Swarovski flower details at Bottega Giuliana, a cute boutique in Verona, Italy.
Bring on the Bling – A Floral Beaded Escada Tee at Bottega Giuliana in Verona, Italy

We came to Verona expecting to be underwhelmed by kitsch and crowds, but it tugged at our heart strings in every imaginable way. From the city’s massive amphitheater to its romantic winding streets, we were glad we ventured off the beaten path and discovered its pretty piazzas and, of course, Bottega Giuliana.

A photo of the outside exterior storefront shopfront of Bottega Giuliana, a cute boutique shop in Verona, Italy. Photo Courtesy of FoodWaterShoes
Bottega Giuliana in Verona, Italy

Bottega Giuliana
Address: Via Carlo Cattaneo 29/33 37121 Verona, Italy
Hours: Monday 3:30pm to 7:30pm, Tuesday Through Saturday 9:30am to 7:30pm, Closed on Sunday
Phone: +39 045 803 1070
Pricing (All in Euros): €229.00 and Up

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