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Don’t Be Shellfish – Mike’s Pastry in Boston, Massachusetts

Complete carnage. That's the only way to describe what it looks like when you try to devour a lobster tail from Mike's Pastry. Calling Mike's lobster tail dessert is just plain silly. It's a meal for two. We saved our feast... Continue Reading →

A Perfect Blend – La PanotiQ in Mountain View, California

Sadly we found out that La PanotiQ’s Mountain View location permanently closed its doors. La PanotiQ is a local chain which may still have other locations open. We’re disheartened to hear that this neighborhood favorite didn’t make it, but here’s a... Continue Reading →

Grocery Shop ‘Till You Drop – Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall (Магазина Купцов Елисеевых) in St. Petersburg, Russia

Almost anywhere you roam in St. Petersburg, Russia you'll encounter a sense of grandeur. From the sheer magnitude of The State Hermitage Museum to the glittering onion domes perched atop the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (or resurrection church... Continue Reading →

Cutie Pie – Se7en Bites in Orlando, Florida

Most of us associate Florida with sunshine, palm trees and if you're talking about Orlando in particular, Mickey Mouse.     What it isn't quite as well known for, yet, are incredible hipster cafés and restaurants. Se7en Bites is one... Continue Reading →

I Knead You – The Mill in San Francisco, California

Few smells are as universally well loved as freshly baked bread. The sweet scent of warm bread can make a place feel warm and welcoming. It turns out you can bottle the scent (see Exhibit A Sensory Decisions' Fresh Bread Smell), but... Continue Reading →

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