Most of us associate Florida with sunshine, palm trees and if you’re talking about Orlando in particular, Mickey Mouse.


The Ears of a Certain Mouse are Often Spotted in Orlando


What it isn’t quite as well known for, yet, are incredible hipster cafés and restaurants. Se7en Bites is one such hot spot located in the heart of The Milk District in downtown Orlando.


How do I like my eggs? Umm… Preferably in a pie from Se7en Bites.


Whether you’re looking for the perfect Pi Day treat or a breakfast of biscuits and gravy, Se7en Bites has it all. With mouthwatering specials like pig tales (a cornbread biscuit stacked with pimento cheese, barbecue pulled pork, Sriracha, bread and butter pickles served with a mac and cheese), you know one thing is for sure… you won’t leave Se7en Bites hungry.


Ooey Gooey Goodness on the Counter at Se7en Bites in Orlando


Se7en Bites’ pastry chef and owner, Trina Gregory-Propst works with her team to ensure that each item is made from scratch daily.


I Eat Cake Because it’s Someone’s Birthday Somewhere


Being West coasters, snagging caffeine was priority number one.


Se7en Bites Makes a Mean Lavender Cappuccino


We decided to pace ourselves by scarfing down a peanut butter cookie, a strawberry passionfruit Prosecco galette and some of Se7en Bites’ signature lavender vanilla bean shortbread, you know, to go with the lavender cappuccino theme we started off with.


A Se7en Benedict in Orlando, Florida


After that carnage wrapped up, we dove head first into the Se7en Benedict. The buttermilk garlic biscuit was light and fluffy. The over medium egg was exquisitely cooked and the crispy green tomato, applewood smoked bacon and the peppercorn hollandaise were the dish’s crowning glory.


Cute Touches are a Common Site at Se7en Bites in Orlando


Not only is the food at Se7en Bites divine, there are neat little elements throughout the restaurant. Wooden spoons serve as guides for the waitstaff and just check out Se7en Bites’ awesome graffiti sign. By the time we departed, I felt like a manatee albeit it a happy one who couldn’t wait to migrate back to Se7en Bites sometime in the near future.


Se7en Bites in Orlando, Florida


Se7en Bites
617 North Primrose Drive
Orlando, Florida 32803
Hours: Tuesday Through Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm and Saturday and Sunday 9:00am to 3:00pm
Phone: (407) 203-0727
Pricing (All in U.S. Dollars or USD): Hot Dishes $2.25 to $10.75 and Up, Sandwiches $8.00 to $9.25, Specials $11.75 to $12.75, Alcoholic Drinks (Beer, Mimosas, Sangria, etc.) $3.75 to $9.75, Baked Goods (Prices Vary Based on Selection)