Complete carnage. That’s the only way to describe what it looks like when you try to devour a lobster tail from Mike’s Pastry. Calling Mike’s lobster tail dessert is just plain silly. It’s a meal for two. We saved our feast for the flight back home to the West coast. It’s the middle of the summer, but our seat on the plane makes it look like it is the dead of winter. Powdered sugar is everywhere. That’s what you get when you order a lobster tail pastry from Mike’s. Serves us right. The flight attendants laugh and ask us what the heck a lobster tail pastry is made out of.


A Stack of Freshly Made Lobster Tails From Mike's Pastry in Boston, Massachusetts Sit on a Tray
Donut Give Up – It Takes Perseverance to Eat an Entire Lobster Tail from Boston’s Mike’s Pastry


For the record, Mike’s massive lobster tails (they’re approximately the size of your foot) consist of a perfectly crisp pastry horn crammed full of Chantilly cream. Clearly we opted for the recommended extra added dose of powdered sugar which is why we ended up in our plane predicament. In Southern Italy, smaller versions of the lobster tail (known as sfogliatella) are made and filled with different flavors than the super sized American cream version.


Mike's Pastry's Famous White and Blue Packaging from Boston, Massachusetts
Fresh Out of the Oven – Mike’s Pastry’s Famous Packaging from Boston, Massachusetts


Mike’s Pastry is a Massachusetts favorite. A legit Italian bakery, Mike’s Pastry has been located in Boston’s historic North End over on Hanover Street since the beginning. Mike’s has been cranking out ginormous favorites like its cannoli and lobster tails since 1946. It’s blue and white packaging can be seen toted in the arms of locals and tourists alike.


Giant Containers of Baker's Twine (Used to Wrap Up Baked Goods) Hang from the Ceiling at Mike's Pastry
Ball and Chain – Giant Containers of Baker’s Twine (Used to Wrap Up Baked Goods) Hang from the Ceiling at Mike’s Pastry


Mike’s Pastry bakes up a variety of items from American classics like black and white half moon cookies to Italian favorites like pizzelle, but the real draw are those afore mentioned cannolis and lobster tails.


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The cannolis come in a never ending parade of flavors: amaretto, chocolate ricotta, espresso, Florentine, Hazelnut, Oreo, limoncello, peanut butter and strawberry. The main reason, besides the pure heft of these pastry beasts, is that all of the cannoli shells at Mike’s Pastry are handmade in the shop.


Cookies and Pastries on Display at Mike's Pastry in Boston, Massachusetts
Smart Cookies Head to Mike’s Pastry in Boston for Italian Treats


The lines at Mike’s Pastry are often long, but they move quickly, so be prepared. The shop is cash only, so it helps to get your dough out prior to approaching the counter.


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If you’re willing to brave a line and are willing to skip a meal or two for an Italian indulgence, head on over to Mike’s Pastry.


A Line Forms Outside of Mike's Pastry in Boston, Massachusetts
Mike’s Pastry in Boston, Massachusetts


Mike’s Pastry
Address: 300 Hanover Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02113
*Mike’s Pastry also has locations in Cambridge and Somerville.
Hours: Sunday Through Tuesday 8:00am to 10:00pm, Wednesday and Thursday 8:00am to 10:30pm, Friday and Saturday 8:00am to 11:30pm
Phone: (617) 742-3050
Pricing (All in U.S. Dollars or USD): Hot Drinks $2.00 to $3.75, Lobster Tail $6.50, Black and White Half Moon Cookies $3.50, Chocolate Dipped Pizzelle .75¢, Fudge Brownie $3.50, Marble Pound Cake $6.50, Marzipan $3.50, Peanut Butter Dipped Cookie $3.50, Whoopie Pie $3.50, Zeppole $3.50 *Cash only.