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Meet the Pancake Burger – Pancs in Lausanne, Switzerland

Switzerland brings to mind images of watches, fondue and copious amounts of chocolate. For me, that no longer rings true. From this day forward, Switzerland shall now be known as the country where I discovered my first pancake burger at... Continue Reading →

No More Mr. Rice Guy – Shōjō in Boston, Massachusetts

One thing you may not know is that Boston boasts the third largest Chinatown in the United States. While there are plenty of places in Boston's gritty downtown Chinatown where you can pick apart Peking duck or dive into sweet and sour pork, Shōjō is not that kind of spot.

The Fry’s the Limit – Hans im Glück in Stuttgart, Germany

When one thinks of Germany, many things might spring to mind like beer (the guava beer at Ambiente Africa is out of this world), castles (Neuschwanstein Castle will make you feel like a real life Disney prince or princess) and... Continue Reading →

Looking So Fry – Maverick Jack’s in Burlingame, California

When you snag a seat at Maverick Jack's, brace yourself. Since its located right beside the Caltrain's Broadway Station, trains frequently rumble past the Burlingame, California burger joint, but its the juicy burgers Maverick Jack's cooks up that really knock your... Continue Reading →

Love Story – Grill Meats Beer in Wellington, New Zealand

Most epic love stories do not involve beer bellies, but this one does. Long long ago (okay, about three years ago) in a land far far away (let's call it Wellington, New Zealand) a couple entrepreneurially minded restauranteurs (Shaun Clouston,... Continue Reading →

Black Beauty – Wave Burgers in St. Petersburg, Russia

You'll find surfing, waves and burgers in abundance at a burger joint in one of Russia's largest port cities.     Russia's second largest city, St. Petersburg, is best known for its breathtaking museums, palaces and churches. Ornate Fabergé eggs spring to... Continue Reading →

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