You’ll find surfing, waves and burgers in abundance at a burger joint in one of Russia’s largest port cities.


Surf style burgers and Russia. A brilliant combination just like peanut butter and jelly.


Russia’s second largest city, St. Petersburg, is best known for its breathtaking museums, palaces and churches. Ornate Fabergé eggs spring to mind, but duck diving? Not so much… That is until Wave Burgers opened its doors in 2014.


One of the best burgers in the world can be found at Wave Burgers in St. Petersburg, Russia.


At Wave Burgers I feel as though I’ve washed ashore in Hawaii, not the frigid cold waters of the Baltic Sea. Surfboards and pictures of beaches brighten up the fast food hot spot, but its the friendly welcoming servers who really make the diner cozy.


Surf gear and funky furniture hang ten in St. Petersburg’s tasty burger joint.


A number of factors make a burger great. There’s the weight and size of the patties. The type of beef being used. The condiments and, of course, the bun quality. Wave Burgers takes dressing patties to a whole new level. They serve up haute couture burgers dressed to impress. (A small classic Wagyu beef cheeseburger will set you back 490 Rub or about $8 while one of the fancier specialty burgers will cost you about 1100 Rub or just over $18.) I inhaled Africa: the Instagram ready burger is drop dead gorgeous. Though it may sound strange, the squid ink Africa burger tantalizes your eyes and your tastebuds. Just look at the black bun, black cheese, special black sauce and the perfectly marbleized Wagyu beef… the thing is a stunner.


The Africa Burger


Next up, we decided to go for something a bit lighter. During round two we encountered another thing of burger beauty, the Kamchatka.


A burger per trip keeps us fat and happy. Here are some of the funnest burgers we’ve bumped into around the globe.


The combination of another light and perfectly fluffy black bun plus a special mango based sauce and a decadent crab cake was magical.


Meet Kamchatka


All of the burgers are served with a choice of either French fries, Idaho wedges (accompanied by garlic, parsley and dill) or a vegetable salad. Sauces for the sides range from the usual (ketchup, mayonnaise, BBQ or mustard) to the funky (sweet chili, sweet and sour, cheesy, creamy garlic or even wasabi mayo).


Jaws Brewery’s Maui Porter and Citraizen


In addition to juicy burgers cooked perfectly to your liking and crisp fries, Wave Burgers also serves up brews from Jaws Brewery, a Russian craft beer company.


In addition to Wave Burgers, here’s a list of other neat little local spots we love across Russia.


Which is a good thing because those black burgers can get messy.


Riding the Russian Black Burger Wave Ain’t Easy


In order to hang ten with burgers this big, you’ll probably need something tasty from Jaws to help you wash down the delicious grub in St. Petersburg. Come to think of it, maybe they ought to start calling it St. Petersburger…


Catch the Burger Wave in St. Petersburg, Russia


Wave Burgers
Апраксин переулок, 3
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7 812 997-28-49