Geneva, Switzerland is known as the smallest of big cities. It’s easy to navigate and filled with wonderful food (and chocolate) that pulls together the best of Swiss and French cuisine.


Geneva, or Genève, is Known for the Jet d’Eau, Watchmaking and, of Course, Chocolate

On Rue Verdaine, in the heart of old town Geneva (or Genève en français) if you’re lucky, you’ll stumble across a bakery that is chock full of the divinest of pastries and chocolate, Pâtisserie Pierre et Jean.


A Few of My Favorite Things – Tartelettes and Verrines From Pâtisserie Pierre et Jean in Geneva

In order to enter, you need to step down a few steps into the boulangerie and pâtisserie. Bowing your head as you enter almost seems like a necessary form of deference as you crane your neck to the left to view the beauties waiting in the window.


The One that got Away – Next Time We’re Going in for Pâtisserie Pierre et Jean’s Éclair Caramel Beurre-Salé

It was in Geneva, not Paris or France, that I bumped into the éclair of my dreams. By glancing at the ingredients list (milk, butter, eggs, water, sugar, a bit of salt), one might think éclairs are relatively easy to make, but that would be a massive misinterpretation. The marriage of a light delectable shell and a decadent filling is not a given. All too often we encounter bad éclairs. Some are too soggy. Others are too dry. The pastry whose name means flash of lightning in French, is tough to get right.


After This Picture was Snapped, Pâtisserie Pierre et Jean’s Éclair Rocher Disappeared in a Flash

With its éclair rocher Pâtisserie Pierre et Jean concocts the perfect balance of sweet and crunchy (rocher in French means rock). The light and airy choux dough mixes perfectly with the interior cream and the crunchy exterior chocolate shell.


Basket Case – What I Wouldn’t Give to Have One of Pâtisserie Pierre et Jean’s Chocolate Eggs

Given Switzerland’s storied chocolate history, it should come as no surprise that you can also find a wonderful array of sweets also on offer at Pâtisserie Pierre et Jean.


Loving Desserts This Gorgeous is a Piece of Cake at Pâtisserie Pierre et Jean in Geneva

The Swiss artisans and baking champions also have a lovely assortment of cakes tucked away and treated like the treasures they are in the refrigerated case near the cash register. Whether you’re looking for a bar of finely crafted Swiss chocolate to stash in your carry on or something delightful to bite into during your stroll around Lake Geneva (Lac Leman), there’s no place sweeter than Pierre-Alain and Jean-Claude’s Pâtisserie Pierre et Jean.


Pâtisserie Pierre et Jean in Geneva, Switzerland

Pâtisserie Pierre et Jean
12 Rue Verdaine
Geneva, Switzerland 1204
Hours: Monday Through Friday 7:00am to 6:30pm, Saturday 8:00am to 6:00pm
Phone: +41 22 310 55 50
Pricing (All in Euros): Desserts and Pastries 3.50€ to 5.00€ *Prices and selection may vary.