There are some things you expect to see in Denmark like, for instance, lots and lots of bicycles and happy people. After all, Denmark is one of the most bike-friendly spots on the planet and it is consistently ranked among the world’s happiest countries. What you end up discovering while wandering around this Nordic country is a lot of surprises you might not expect to bump into. From pocket sized tiny home communities like Nokken to fish skin tacos at Hija de Sanchez and finger licking good barbecue at Warpigs once you visit Copenhagen, it’s easy to see that the Danes have loads of fun places sprinkled throughout their pretty country.


Frankly We Think Johns Hotdog Deli in Copenhagen, Denmark is Really Awesome
Frankly We Think Johns Hotdog Deli in Copenhagen, Denmark is Really Awesome


We have to admit, tasty hot dogs were not exactly what we were expecting to uncover while strolling around Noma‘s hometown. Some people seek out Johns Hotdog Deli after watching celeb foodie extraordinaire Anthony Bourdain down one of John’s deluxe organic wild garlic and bacon dogs after a night of swigging down some Danish Gammel Dansk on Parts Unknown. We stumbled across Johns Hotdog Deli wagon during our first night in Copenhagen. After whirling around an endless number of amusement rides in Tivoli Gardens, we were as famished as hungry teenagers and John’s hot dog wagon was beckoning to us right across the street near the Copenhagen central train station.


In addition to Johns Hotdog Deli, here’s a list of other neat little local spots you might enjoy checking out in Copenhagen.


John Michael Jensen opened his iconic Johns Hotdog Deli back in December 2005. A big part of the reason why tourists and Danes alike frequent the stand is because Jensen is known for crafting homemade sauces for his dogs and the meat is often locally sourced. On the menu you’ll find everything from sausages (medister) to frankfurters and even French dogs (Fransk hotdogs) that are encased in a baguette instead of the typical squishy hot dog bun you might be used to.


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Each month, Johns Hotdog Deli features a hot dog of the month. Whether you’re looking for a late Friday night bite or some finger food before boarding your train, Johns Hotdog Deli is one budget meal in Copenhagen that you won’t want to miss.


Johns Hotdog Deli in Copenhagen, Denmark
Johns Hotdog Deli in Copenhagen, Denmark


Johns Hotdog Deli
Address: 14 Bernstorffsgade
Copenhagen, Denmark
*The stand is located across the street from the Western entrance to Tivoli Gardens on Bernstorffsgade. If you find the swanky Nimb hotel over at Bernstorffsgade 5, you’ll find Johns Hot Dog Deli across the street from the hotel and Tivoli Gardens near the entrance to the Copenhagen central train station.
Hours: Monday Through Thursday 11:00am to 7:00pm, Friday and Saturday 11:00am to 4:00am
Phone: +45 31 32 58 48
Pricing (All in Danish Krone): Frankfurters, Hot Dogs and Sausages 29 to 39, Just a Bun 5