With Pi Day a mere 34 hours a way, we figured it was about time to tackle pie heaven. For some, the phrase blue heaven might conjure up images of warm weather and tranquil teal blue ocean water. If you didn’t know any better Key West, a tropical island paradise situated a mere 90 miles North of Cuba, might just be blue heaven incarnated.


Feeling a Bit Blue? Head Out on a Sea-Doo in Key West, Florida


For those in the know, the real Blue Heaven conjures up images of a formidable tower of meringue perched precariously atop a luscious key lime pie filling glued together with graham cracker crust and topped with freshly squeezed lime juice.


A Mountain of Meringue Decorates Blue Heaven’s Hefty Key Lime Pie


Blue Heaven first opened its doors back in September 1992, but the building it resides holds secrets that go back over 100 years of history. Over the decades, the structure has played host to a dance hall, a playhouse and even a bordello. If you pop upstairs to the Bordello Gallery above the restaurant, you can still peek out through the old bordello’s sliding peep holes.


Belly Up to Blue Heaven’s Backyard Bathtub Bar


Built out of solid Dade County pine, the building has held cock fights, gambling matches and even Friday night boxing matches that were refereed by Key West’s most famous resident… legendary writer Ernest Hemingway.


Blue Heaven Loves to Play Up its Debaucherous Past


Given Key West’s near perfect climate, Blue Heaven has an ample amount of outdoor seating available.


Key Lime Pie, Ping Pong Tables and Live Music – A Few of the Things Blue Heaven is Known for


Blue Heaven’s resident chickens and cats are nearly as famous as the food. Visitors can even bring a funky chicken or two home with them. Local avian artist Jimm Sherrington (a.k.a. J.W. Sherrington) sells his pieces and can often be seen working out of his studio in Blue Heaven’s back patio.


Fowl Artwork by Key West Artist Jimm Sherrington


Rooster free dining is available inside the restaurant.


Feathers Aren’t Always Flying in Key West’s Blue Heaven


The best thing about Blue Heaven is you don’t have to die to get there.


Key Lime Pie and Meringue – A Match Made in Key West’s Blue Heaven


You do, however, need to take care when tackling Blue Heaven’s sublime version of Key West’s biggest export.


A Slice of Key Lime Powerhouse Blue Heaven’s Pie


Blue Heaven’s perfectly browned delicate meringue is the result of using a convection oven. Each piece has to be careful sliced, so the sky high fluffy meringue doesn’t collapse.


Itty Bitty Versions of Blue Heaven


Blue Heaven bakes its pies daily. If the slices seem too hefty to handle, there are plenty of other options on the table.


Blue Heaven Offers Up Slices of Some of Key West’s Best Baked Goods


Whether you’re coming in search of key lime pie or lobster Benedict for brunch or Floridian Caribbean cuisine for diner, Blue Heaven’s iconic patio is almost always the perfect venue for live music. Birds of a feather flock together at Blue Heaven to rock out. Most days musicians can be spotted on site jamming away from 11:00am to 1:00pm and from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Local musicians we spoke with said that Blue Heaven was their preferred venue because they’re encouraged to play original tunes and not just cover songs.


Shake Your Tail Feathers in Key West’s Blue Heaven


Even if you aren’t hungry, Blue Heaven’s gift shop is worth a peek. Chances are none of your co-workers back home have a rooster pen on their desk… yet.


Blue Heaven in Key West, Florida


Blue Heaven
729 Thomas Street
Key West, Florida 33040
Hours: Monday Through Sunday 8:00am to 10:30pm-ish
Phone: (305) 296-8666
Email: BlueHeaven729@gmail.com
Pricing (All in U.S. Dollars or USD): Key Lime Tarts $5.00, Rooster Pens $12.00, Banana Bread $12.00 Per Loaf, Whole Key Lime Pie $30.00