Coffee shops are a dime a dozen, but excellent cafés are hard to come by. Running stores that also happen to have amazing coffee, espresso and ample seating, now that’s truly a rare find. Enter ZombieRunner.


Silicon Valley’s Walking Dead Relies on Palo Alto Based ZombieRunner


Across San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the Bay Area there are loads of coffee spots. Palo Alto in particular is well endowed with brewtiful places like Blue Bottle Coffee and Philz Coffee, but they’re often packed with techies and have queues out the door. We may regret writing this post later on and letting others in on our favorite spot to grab a cup of Joe on the go in Palo Alto, but ZombieRunner is a gem that’s worth sharing.


We get depresso over bad espresso. Curious about some of the other amazing coffee spots we’ve taste tested around the globe? Here are some of our favorite cafés around the world.


In addition to outdoor and indoor seating, you can also score some sick running gear at ZombieRunner including running shoes, hats and clothing. Located inside Palo Alto’s old Fine Arts Theater, ZombieRunner owners Don Lundell and Gillian Robinson aim to supply you with everything you need to be off and running. ZombieRunner can provide you with the perfect java buzz before your next meeting and simultaneously help you prep for an epic marathon.


With a Coffee Menu This Good You’ll Be Fully Caffeinated and Dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller in No Time – ZombieRunner in Palo Alto, California


The drink menu at ZombieRunner is crammed full of unique caffeine IVs like mochas in flavors like coconut, lemon, mint and even orange. ZombieRunner also has Turkish cappuccinos (basically an espresso combined with steamed chai) and our personal favorite… the zombies like licorice which consists of cold brew coffee, milk and sweet or salty licorice.


In addition to ZombieRunner, here’s a list of other neat little local spots we love across the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.


You can order the zombies like licorice drink hot or cold. We usually opt for the warm salty version since it really brings out the aroma of the licorice.


Zombies Hate Fast Food, but They Love the Zombies Like Licorice Coffee Drink at ZombieRunner in Palo Alto, California


Zombies love a woman with brains, so if you’re feeling dead tired and need an adult sippy cup before a meeting or if  you need to find a killer deal on a pair of new running kicks, ZombieRunner is a special spot in Palo Alto you ought to be dying to visit.


ZombieRunner in Palo Alto, California


429 South California Avenue
Palo Alto, California 94306
Hours: Monday Through Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm, Sunday 8:00am to 3:00pm
Phone: (650) 325-2048
Pricing (All in USD): Espresso $2.00, Americano $2.50, Cappuccino $3.00, Cold Brewed Coffee $3.50, Caramel or Vanilla Latte $4.00, TCHO Drinking Chocolate $4.00, Mochas $4.00 to $4.50, Turkish Cappuccino $4.50