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This week, we are chatting with blogger and full-time freelance writer, Alli Hoff Kosik who is based in Brooklyn. Last year, Alli left her corporate job to pursue her lifelong love of writing, and has since had her work published on Brit + Co, Bustle, The Kitchn, Marie Claire and the New York Post Online, among others. She lives in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighborhood with her husband and (in her dreams, at least) three golden retriever puppies and enjoys reading, running, and watching embarrassing reality TV over takeout food whenever she has a chance.


Photo Courtesy of Alli Hoff Kosik
Photo Courtesy of Alli Hoff Kosik


Best Local Food in Brooklyn:

Lately we’ve been loving DeKalb Market Hall at City Center. Some of our favorite local spots have set up as vendors there, so it’s an amazing one-stop-shop for all kinds of Brooklyn treats.


Don’t Drink the Water in Brooklyn, Drink the Cotton Candy Fluff Milkshake at Humdinger Ice Cream.

When I saw this shake on the menu at the new Humdinger Ice Cream, I was sure that I was imagining it. Cotton candy ice cream and marshmallow fluff are two of my favorite things in life (and, yes, my four-year-old self would agree). The fact that someone would think to combine them into one perfect drink brought me endless joy. The taste blew even my expectations. This milkshake just makes you happy!


Best Local Designer, Shoes or Fashion Shop in Brooklyn:

Living across the street from DNAFootwear (literally — I can see it from my kitchen window!) is both a blessing and a curse. DNA is my go-to for all things shoes, which is especially important since, as a city dweller, I’m constantly wearing out my favorite pairs. They stock brands big and small, and I’ve discovered some of my new favorite shoe designers thanks to their selection.


Best Thing to Do in Brooklyn:

We love exploring Red Hook, which is a little-known Brooklyn neighborhood that sits right on the water and off the beaten path of the subway system. It’s a great spot to spend a late summer afternoon, thanks to its pretty views of the Statue of Liberty, sweet shops and bakeries and casual seafood restaurants. When you’re sitting on the top deck of Brooklyn Crab, digging into a crab roll, drinking a frozen margarita and looking out over the river, it’s easy to forget that you’re even in New York City!


——Now Let’s Take This Interview Abroad—-


Stamp My Passport Again Please:

I was lucky enough to explore a lot of Europe when I was a teenager, but I’d like to go back again now, because I know I would see things differently and appreciate it at a new level. Paris probably tops the list!


Travel Experience that Most Left an Impression on You:

We recently spent two weeks exploring the California coast and the Bay Area. We rented a cozy bungalow north of San Francisco and used it as a home base for day trips and other adventures. This was an extra special trip for us because it gave us a fresh perspective on the truly magical places that exist right here in our own country. It was also the longest vacation we’ve ever planned, and I was personally pretty proud of how it all came together!


Dream Destination:

My husband and I have two big trips on our immediate travel bucket list. First, we really want to go to Thailand and Vietnam. We’d also like to do a trip to Scandinavia, especially Norway. Down the road, I’d personally love to get to Fiji or the Maldives.


Favorite Travel Hack or Item of Travel Gear You Can’t Live Without:

I find that my skin really takes a beating when I travel, so I’m a big fan of packing a facial mask (like this one from Beautycounter) on any trip. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s super low maintenance, but it keeps me feeling clean and confident wherever I go. Practically speaking, I also always pack plenty of Ziploc bags. They’re helpful on the return trip, of course, but they also keep me organized on the go.


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