Traveling the globe eating delightful sugary bits is a tough job. We’ll risk brain freeze eating blue Smurf ice cream at Ís Kofinn in Iceland and even stomach eating rainbow s’mores from Sugar Rush Marshmallows in Orlando, Florida just for you dear readers. As it turns out one of our all-time favorite sweet spots, Psycho Donuts of Campbell, California is right in our own backyard.


A photo of donuts at Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California. The one on the left is a cinnamon troll (or roll) and the on the right is a sticky monkey made out of banana, cinnamon, rum fritter and caramel drizzle plus a dash of sea salt.
What the What?!? A Cinnamon Troll the Size of Your Head and Something Called the Sticky Monkey at Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California


Psycho Donuts owner Webster Granger and his merry band of donut nurses have been injecting insanity into Silicon Valley breakfasts since February of 2009. If you’re having a tough time picking, the donut nurses on staff will be happy diagnose you and send you off with the appropriate donut medication.


A photo of the wheel-o-donuts and the donut case at Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California.
Too Many Choices? Spin the Wheel-o-Donuts on the Far Right Side of the Counter at Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California


Their wayward donuts come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from the colossal cinnamon troll and a beast called the sticky monkey (which is a bananas foster like tribute consisting of bananas, cinnamon and rum fritter drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with sea salt) to more typical sized confections you might spy at other donut shops across the country.


Sorry, I’m Bad at Pickup Limes – The Key Lime Pie Donut at Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California


The difference of course being that even regular sized fried dough at Psycho Donuts comes in quirky flavors like bananarama (a custard filled donut that has chocolate icing, freeze-dried bananas and vanilla drizzle on top), s’mores (a square donut topped with chocolate icing, marshmallow and graham crackers) and even a take on key lime pie (which consists of a moist vanilla cake donut topped with lime icing, graham cracker crumb pie crust and key lime drizzle).



Clearly we have a special place in our hearts for donuts. Curious about some of the other types of crazy fried dough deliciousness we’ve taste tested around the globe? Here are some of our favorite donut (or doughnut) places in the world.


It’s obvious that Psycho Donuts has quite the pack of wayward donuts. Their treats are topped with everything from Girl Scout cookies and Captain Crunch cereal to cheesecake icing and Nutella


A photo of donuts on display at Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California including the blackest forest, dirty turtle, unicorn fart, German chocolate cake, Nutella the hun and Girl Scout Cookies donuts.
Sugar Crush – Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California Has All Sorts of Chocolately Goodness From Unicorn Farts to Girl Scout Cookies Donuts


Don’t forget to snag a Psycho Donuts punch card on your way out. Eight purchases earns you a free donut. (We were pretty dismayed though to learn that an order of a dozen donuts won’t earn you a free donut, so you’re better off rationing yourself and purchasing one donut at a time if you want to earn that freebie.)


A photo of donuts at Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California including the cereal killer, kookie monster, feng shui, Marla, strawberry fields and the s'mores donut.
The Perfect Antidote to a Case of the Mondays – Crazy Good Donuts From Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California



In addition to Psycho Donuts, here’s a list of other neat little local spots we love across the San Francisco Bay Area.


Psycho Donuts also operates a quirky gallery and store. You’ll find loads of artwork from local artists hung throughout the shop.


A photo of hula kitties artwork and a framed mirror that says, "Psycho of the Month," hanging on the wall at Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California.
Sweet Deal – A Free Donut Comes With the Purchase of Any Local Piece of Art at Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California



As a Bay Area resident, one of our favorite things about Psycho Donuts is its commitment to the local community. In addition to supporting the local Little League team, Psycho Donuts has also donated over 100,000 of its donuts to HomeFirst shelters across Santa Clara county.


A photo of the bubble wrap container at Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California. You can pop the bubble wrap while you wait in line or select your donut.
Having One of Those Days? Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California Offers Free Bubble Wrap Therapy



You can pre-order half a dozen or a dozen of the nurse’s choice Psycho Donuts donuts online or opt to have your Psycho Donuts delivered to you if you’re the plan ahead type. (Delivery orders need to be placed 24 to 48 hours ahead of your pickup time.)


A photo of the padded cell at Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California.
Say Cheese – Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California Has a Padded Cell You Can Snag a Great ‘Gram From


Given the wide range of flavors (Psycho Donuts even offers vegan donuts), it’s hard to go wrong with any of the choices. If you’re having a really crazy hard time landing on just one flavor, Psycho Donuts has a donut wall you can rent for your next birthday or house party.


A photo of donuts from Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California including the Canadian morning squeal meal, key lime pie, the d'oh nut and a s'mores donuts.
Donut Delirium – If Psycho Donuts’ Canadian Morning Squeal Meal Doesn’t Put You in a Food Coma, We Don’t Know What Will


Out of all the choices at Psycho Donuts some of our all time favorites include the Canadian morning squeal meal (which consists of a buttermilk bar coated with maple icing, bacon bits and chocolate drizzle), the doh-Nilla (Nilla wafers on a wacky shaped triangular donut) or the Girl Scout cookies (a chocolate cake donut topped with cool mint icing and cookie dust sprinkled on top) donut. Yes, we taste tested all of them just for safety and the sake of truth in reporting you lucky reader you.


A photo from outside of the exterior of Psycho Donuts shop in Campbell, California.
Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California


Psycho Donuts
*Psycho Donuts also has a Santa Clara location.
Address: 2006 South Winchester Boulevard
Campbell, California 95008
Hours of Insanity: Monday Through Thursday 6:00am to 9:00pm, Friday 6:00am to 10:00pm, Saturday 7:00am to 10:00pm, Sunday 7:00am to 9:00pm
Phone: (408) 533-1023
Pricing (All in USD): Psycho Donuts $1.50, Premium Donuts $3.25 and Up, Psycho Dozen $26.95 (Add an Additional .80 per Premium Psycho Donut in the Dozen), Psycho Sampler $49.95 (30 Donuts/One of Each Donut Variety), Donut Pizza Pre-Order $26.95 (Need to Order 48 Hours Ahead of Time), Coffee and Psycho Tea $1.75 to $2.50, Hot Chocolate $2.50, Milk $2.50, Apple or Orange Juice $2.50, Donut Delivery Within Santa Clara County $28 to $53, San Mateo County $48 to $78, Santa Cruz or Scotts Valley $56 to $63, Add $50 for Nurse Delivery Which Gets You One Hour of Nurse Delivery Service