Whether you’re searching for more of a beachy vibe in Estoril or craving more of scenic drive experience further north in the Douro Valley just outside of Porto, Portugal is full of fantastic places to check out.


A photo of hillsides that are covered with terraced vineyards in Portugal's stunning Douro Valley.
Terraced Vineyards as Far as the Eye Can See in Douro Valley, Portugal


We found our perfect drug when we pulled up a seat in a hip small plates restaurant called Pharmacia in Lisbon, Portugal.


A photo of pharmacy inspired wallpaper, syringes and other medicine inspired trinkets at Pharmacia restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal.
Rated Rx – Cute Wallpaper and Vintage Trinkets on Display at Pharmacia – Lisbon, Portugal’s Pharmacy Themed Restaurant


Everywhere you look (from the wall paper to the pill bottle filled cabinets) there is pharmacy themed paraphernalia.


A photo of a lime green cocktail called the Oximetazolina (Oxymetazoline in English) that is served in a jar at Pharmacia restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal. The drink is made with honey liqueur, melon liqueur, cantaloupe and ginger beer. Oxymetazoline is a decongestant. (Licor de mel, licor de melāo-meloa e cerveja de gengibre)
Just Breathe – Oxymetazoline is a Decongestant, but at Pharmacia in Lisbon, Portugal Oximetazolina is a Mix of Honey and Melon Liqueur, Cantaloupe and Ginger Beer


Each drink on the cocktail menu at Pharmacia shares the same name as an over the counter medication or a prescription grade drug.


The psicoestimulante cocktail at Pharmacia in Lisbon, Portugal. The drink is made with arbutus brandy, honey and passionfruit. (Medronho, mel e maracujá)
How to Break a Fever – Step One – Stay Hydrated With a Psicoestimulante Cocktail at Pharmacia in Lisbon, Portugal


Psychostimulants increase brain activity and we certainly felt our mood pick up after we sipped on a lovely drink crafted with arbutus brandy, honey and passionfruit called the psicoestimulante.


A photo of duck croquettes served with orange jam (croquetes de pato com compota de laranja) at Pharmacia restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal.
Drug Description – Duck Croquettes With Orange Jam (Croquetes de Pato Com Compota de Laranja) at Pharmacia in Lisbon, Portugal


Pharmacia is located in Lisbon’s Bairro Alto neighborhood inside the Associação Nacional de Farmácias (National Association of Pharmacies) building.


Four Iberian pork croquettes are served with mustard table side at Pharmacia restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal. (Croquete de presunto de porco preto com mostarda)
Therapeutic Doses – Iberian Pork Croquettes With Mustard (Croquete de Presunto de Porco Preto Com Mostarda) at Pharmacia in Lisbon, Portugal


The restaurant is the brainchild of chef Susana Felicidade.


In addition to Pharmacia, here’s a list of other neat little local spots we love across Portugal.


Felicidade is also at the helm of Cozinha da Felicidade, another petiscos (the Portuguese relative of tapas) focused restaurant in Lisbon’s fabulous foodie wonderland known as the Time Out Market.


The cheery outdoor patio at Pharmacia restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal is filled with brightly colored chairs and tables.
Sunshine is the Best Medicine – The Outdoor Patio at Pharmacia’s Pharmacy Inspired Restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal


If the sun isn’t beating down on you, the colorful patio outside of Pharmacia is a wonderful spot to people watch and chow down on your grub.


An antique examination chair on display at the pharmacy inspired restaurant called Pharmacia in Lisbon, Portugal.
The One Unoccupied Chair at Pharmacia (A Pharmacy Inspired Restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal)


All of the dishes at Pharmacia are small portions by design. Felicidade’s philosophy is that, “…When we share we are more generous, we taste different flavors and we have more fun.” (“…quando partilhamos somos mais generosos, provamos sabores diferentes e divertimo-mos mais.”)


Clearly we’re suckers for creative local shop and restaurant owners. Curious about some of the other crazy places we’ve discovered around the globe? Here are some of our other favorite quirky spots in the world.


For that reason, the staff typically recommends that a table order between three and four dishes per dynamic duo.


A receipt from a meal at Pharmacia restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal arrives table side tucked into a specimen jar.
Interesting Specimen – Receipts at Pharmacia Restaurant Arrive at the Table Via a Screw Cap Container in Lisbon, Portugal


You can swing by Pharmacia for a cocktail hour filled with pharmaceutical fun or opt to indulge in an assortment of Portuguese petiscos.


A slice of goat cheese pie topped with strawberry slushie is served for dessert at Pharmacia restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal. (Tarte de queijo cabra com granizado de morango)
Got the Chills? Blame it on the Goat Cheese Pie Topped With Strawberry Slushie ((Tarte de Queijo Cabra Com Granizado de Morango) at Pharmacia in Lisbon, Portugal


One thing is for sure, Pharmacia’s Rx themed restaurant will definitely cure you of one symptom, a loss of appetite.


A street view photo from the sidewalk of the exterior of the Associação Nacional de Farmácias (National Association of Pharmacies) building which houses Pharmacia restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal.
Pharmacia in Lisbon, Portugal


Rua Marechal Saldanha, 1
Lisbon, Portugal
Hours: Monday Through Sunday 12:30pm to 1:30am
Phone: +351 21 346 2146
Email: pharmacia@chef-felicidade.pt
Pricing (All in Euros): Couvert (Small Items) €2.50, Cold Soups €4.50 to €6.90, Hot Soups €4.90, Salads €11.90 to €14.90, Vegetarians €9.80 to €10.90, Fish €14.90 to €15.90, Meat €9.80 to €14.90, Dessert €5.00 to €6.00